On Traditional Practice

There is a general philosophy within Heathenry right now that one should pursue what is traditional in all things.  Now, many Heathens acknowledge that you need to have some sense with this; the Vikings wouldn’t have shunned the car just because their fathers hadn’t used one.

On that note, is there any car more “viking” then a Humvee?  I digress…

In either case, while I recognize that tradition is a fine tool?  It’s just that, a tool.  If I was to obey all the traditions of my ancestors?  I’d be required to convert to Catholicism.

Tradition doesn’t form in a vacuum.  The best traditions became traditions because they did a valuable service for those who partook of them.  Removed from that service, tradition can stagnate and become counter-productive.  We must ask ourselves what our ancestors would have done with the traditions that stopped working or ceased to provide returns.

The Heathen cultures were pragmatic; if something doesn’t work, why use it?


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