On Vice, Virtue, Weakness, and Strength

Practice vice with moderation, and it may become a virtue.  Unfettered by restriction, your perspective becomes broader.  Once you know your resolve is stronger then temptation, temptation cannot scare you.  That courage in the face of your own desires can bolster you in ways that would make those with less experience falter.

Practice virtue without moderation, and it may become a vice.  You will be confined in perspective, and will be at the mercy of those without such restrictions.  You will fall pray to fear, for no absolute can be maintained forever.  It only takes one mistake to shatter your conceptions of you own ego, for many who ascribe themselves to one concept so fully end up defining themselves with it.  Even should you be strong enough to resist such moments and philosophies, your fixed perspective make it far to easy to cause you damage and pain.  However, you will find that you crave that limited perspective…and that stepping outside of it terrifies you.

Any weakness approached with honesty and wisdom can be made a strength.  When you can talk to the most infirm parts of yourself with dignity, you gain a firmness of spirit that protects you.  Familiarity with your own failings suggests courage (in that your greatest demons cannot shake your resolve) and clarity (that you may see the unpleasant truth when you may wish to see pretty lies).  Lastly, you may see things that none other may, your perspective enlightened via introspective diligence.

Any strength approached without honesty and wisdom can become a hindrance. A talented  carpenter uses many tool, and a great general will make use of many tactics; there is a reason for this.  Reliance on a single method makes a person predictable, and easy to counter.  I have seen many people who rely on a single strength falter when that strength doesn’t offer an obvious solution.  Their reliance on a single solution to all problems weakens them.

Just something that popped into my head today.  It has been a long held philosophy of mine, but I’ve never found a moment to put it into words like this.


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