A Flu-tile Endevor

So, I’m sick.

I ended up heading to an internet cafe in town to see if the change of pace would give my brain stem the needed inspiration to do something productive.  So many projects to work on, too!  Converting what old poetry I can find on to a recently created Deviant Art account.  Working on some sort of pencil and paper RP for my girlfriend.  Work on my whole Skald project.  Read some more Stinson.  Work on some pokemon stuff.  Tons of other little things too.

The problem is that the only creative thing I was able to create was the title….where the pun wasn’t very creative but is still making me internally giggle for no damn good reason.

So it seems my IQ is suffering a bit of a status downgrade, while my magnificent brain tries to figure out how to occupy the inside of my skull without the aide of ibuprofen and/or Aleve.  As such, I’m just going to spit out a couple of random nuggets that I’m thinking of.

*Recently, I gave the aforementioned girlfriend a poem.  She liked it, of which I am so amazingly glad.  The most interesting reactions, however, came from friend who I showed the poem to first.  Sis thought it was nice, but asked me why the hell I was asking anyone’s opinion because no one else’s opinion but the girlfriend’s mattered.  I showed it to a mutual acquiescence and her husband; she said she thought it was impressive.  The husband got stuck on why the hell I had wrote a love poem about Chopin and Sand, until it was explained that it was an insane reference.  Probably the most interesting reaction was tank’s, whose uncensored opinion shall not be so written here.  Short version was that she was trying to figure out why I thought it was still the 1700s, and was using the words “woo” and “court” without irony.

*I’ve been carrying around a walking stick lately, something I’ve always wanted to have at hand but I never had the nerve to carry around despite not needing it.  The con is that people seem more prone to hold doors open for me, which make me feel guilty.  The pro is that the thing is useful as hell…now I know why Scrooge McDuck always had one handy.  Walking sticks are pretty damn awesome.  Also on the subject of Ducktails….I recently saw a book with the lyrics and notations for the theme song to the cartoon. Whoever wrote that book needs to be reprimanded.  It’s “Wooo ooooh!” not “Oooo Oooo”. 

*I saw Brave with Liz (damn, I’m turning into one of those guys!  Haha).  The movie was great, but since it was a Pixar movie that was to be expected.  What DID catch me off guard was the amazing number of movie trailers that instantly sold me on the movie so advertised.  Paranorman, Hotel Transylvania, Wreck-It Ralph, Monsters University, and Rise of the Guardians.  The only movies I didn’t care about were the new Ice Age movie (which at least is advertising a Simpson’s short in order to make in interesting) and Finding Nemo in 3D (3D makes my eyes hurt).  You got to hand it to a movie where even the previews keep you on the edge of your seat.

*In terms of BAD commercials, though, one of the generic pre-movie ads depicted some really bizarre singy-muppet thing that starred Carry Elwes and Christopher Lloyd.  This depressed me, until I convinced myself that the movie was depicting a fight/team-up between Wesley and Doctor Emit Brown…which would probably be the best case scenario for a “Back to the Future” reboot while we are on the subject.

*Hi.  My name is Harrison Hall, and I’m addicted to Pokemon. (“Hi Harrison!”)

*On the subject of names, I’ve realized I have so many pseudonyms on the internet that I should really be some sort of criminal….because otherwise I might be just wasting my time.

In either case, that’s all I got for today.  My brain feels a little more active…but I’m fairly certain this is a passing phase for the day.


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