In the last few weeks a whole crap ton of things came to a head.  I got some new perspective from all of it, though some were tough to handle.

The first is that I have absolutely no damn clue what I’m doing in relationships, and that’s probably the best damn state to be in.  The thing was is that I always thought I knew what I was doing.  I was just, more often then not, very very wrong.  I cocked up a lot of shit out of hubris more then anything else.   So we get to that very special sort of Socratic moment where I realize I am enlightened…simply because I am fully willing to admit I haven’t got a damn clue of what I’m doing, and very few others are willing to admit that.

Truth be told, I know very few people who say they know what they’re doing…and actually know what they’re doing.

While it seems a simple lesson, I learned that there are some bbattles not worth your time.  I’m not getting into this one in detail out of respect for the involved parties.  The resolution of the matter is pretty simple though.  I’ve got two kinds of friends.  One disrespects me constantly, and the other doesn’t.  I’ve resolved to deal with the first group as little as possible.

I’ve learned that, while rice looks harmless…do not turn you back on it.

I don’t know, right now I’m such a jumble.  Part of that was that I really didn’t sleep for a week solid, and I’m still getting over a cold.

Sometimes I think that the metaphorical gods I walk amongst each day aren’t nearly as big as they think they are.  I dunno.  That could just be the injured brain talking…


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