Of Ashes and Fires

So, the last week or two I’ve been pretty depressed off and on, and it’s sort of bit into my drive and motivation in a pretty telling way.  I’m sure I could have posted something, but my heart wasn’t in it and I’m not sure it would have been worth reading anyway.

Over the last couple days, a dear friend gave me a much needed kick in the pants and the resulting momentum has been quite useful.  It’s given me some insight into my own perspective and my own problem, which has allowed me to see somethings I didn’t previously noticed.  Has this changed my problems?  Oh fuck no….but it has given me new angles with which to view them through, and that  has helped immensely.

Seeing as how talking about stuff I am doing is a lot more interesting the griping?  I’d figure it was  a good time to share my current itinerary of ideas and projects.

*I’m working on putting together a forum for Heathen discussion.  I’m really looking to do some interesting and compelling things on on how to enable and encourage goodwill and frith in the community.  A lot of my current troubles have revealed that saying such a thing and successfully doing it are two totally different animals.  I also have a whole bunch of other micro-projects and interests involved with helping Heathens communicate.  So, a forum.  It’s not really “live” yet, but if anyone has any constructive criticism for the current setup?  Give me a buzz.

*I’m working on a YouTube channel.  Believe me when I say this isn’t as easy as it sounds.  Okay, it can be as easy as it sounds.  Bad graphics from MSPaint with a dub over from a guy via his bad microphone isn’t exactly tricky or uncommon.  However doing it right is, and I’m trying to have an outlet for all the whimsy and the zany that I have.  This blog is serving for my more “strait faced” needs.  Time for something with goofy voices bitching about geek crap.  It’ll be here, and I’m currently finishing the voice work for the first episode.  It’s about Chrono Trigger, because…well write what you know.

*Trying to get my house in order is pretty much a continuous ordeal, though it’s been more of  a pronounced desire lately as I’d like for my kitchen to function as something more then that place where I let my ketchup and ranch cups soak.  I will say that since my Kurig died, finding motivation to do anything other then complain about my lack of coffee has been a bit tricky.

*I’ve actually started getting into the habit of doing daily rune and tarot pulls.  This has been advised by friends for years, especially since I’ve been participating in a rune study.  This has been stymied by the fact that waking up and seeing the sun make me realize that I might be half-mole.  I recently had a rather dramatic change to my schedule though which means I wake up somewhere between 8pm and 2am every day…so it’s been a bit easier to manage things like memory.  I also have more then 45 minutes to get ready for work each day, which is an additional help.

*I’m trying to get into steampunk, but this is proving trickier then expected.  I’m hitting Salvation Armies and Goodwills…but apparently no one makes distinguished vests for fat men.  This confuses me, as most of the vest enthusiasts I know ARE fat men.  So why steampunk?  Well, I find that I like the grace of Victorian attire when complimented with a little bit of absurdest retro-tech.  That most of the RPGs I grew up with fit somewhere into a steampunk mindset doesn’t hurt.  Also, steampunk lady type persons seem to wear a lot of corsets…and, well, cleavage.

So yeah.  Projects aplenty.   Keeping busy.


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