Topic Buffet: Saint Gygax, Gargoyles, and Hylian Trampstamps

A SUNDRY of  TOPICS appeared!
It was knot vary effectiv.


I don’t always run dungeons… but when I do?  I go left.

* I really wish I could still be excited about the stuff WotC makes; products by Wizards of the Coast and the companies they’ve purchased have been some of my favorites.  It goes beyond D&D and Magic; they’ve also had ownership of Legend of the Five Rings, put out campaign settings like Planescape and Spelljammer, and even tried to make collectable dice games.  These guys are like, part of my childhood.  All the same, these people are all business now…and part of the magic has gone because of it

*I keep going back and forth on my political affiliation.  Not between Republican and Democrat….pft….GODS no.  I mean I COULD…I could also headbutt a brick over and over again.  No, I switch between Democrat and Libertarian.  I like the Democrats…until I realize that all the good intention in the world doesn’t give you enough motivation to do something about them.  I like the Libertarians….but laize faire economics scare me to the point where I can’t think about it to long without finding somewhere to lay down for a bit and weep.



*Hey Disney.  Okay.  Buying Marvel?  I was scared.  Not gonna lie, I was VERY scared.  Then you pumped out Avengers and some of the movies that preceded it.  They not only went off without a hitch, you nailed the landing.  Now you’ve Star Wars.  Okay, I’m down; I think you turn that puppy around.   You know what we need now?  GARGOYLES.  Come on.  You’re starting to kick ass again; double down on it.


What a fake; how can I tell if she has a timeline theory with her showing off that tattoo….freaking attention whore….

*So, the internet is angry at fake nerd-girls.  This surprises me since Disney purchased Star Wars, and Star Wars is the alpha topic for dorks of all stripes to get pissed about.   Still it has held on for some reason, and I find it laughable.  A lot of places and people have cited misogynous peter-pan assholeism, but I think the reason is actually more pathetic then that.

Short version: If you’re a dork and you get rejected by a girl who is also a dork?  Who gets all those nerdy things you love, loves them just as much as you, and STILL doesn’t want anything to do with you?  Where you don’t have the token excuse of “she doesn’t understand me or my passion and is a superficial bitch; I am the lone, misunderstood gentleman” to hide behind.  You’d have to accept that you are a desperate, ill-manner, jackass and that the only one to blame for your loneliness is yourself.  That it’s not about you being weird; it’s about you being unlikeable.

Fuck that…blame the geeky girls.  They’re obviously frauds, right?

The SUNDRY was defeated!
You get 2 page views.  7,283,112 page views until next level!


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