Topic Buffet: Airborne Mongols, Kotex Terrorism, and 50 Shades of Dorks

"Influenza, bitches!"

“Influenza, bitches!”

Dear gods, do I love Airborne!  I was initially dubious of a product that seemed to be the fucked up, radiation baby between alka-seltzer and hippie vitamins.  Then both the lady pet and SH ended up with ebola of the throat, so I felt that the seven dollar risk was worth safeguarding against the potential loss of 10~20 pay hours.

Holy fuck nuggets, it actually worked.  My immune system has, thus far, kept the mongol horde at bay.  I feel like I just found a buff item out of an MMO.  These things are fantastic.

So it seems the Pentagon (which, as a shape, can kick the ass out of a rhombus), has lifted the ban on women in combat.

If you menstruate?  The terrorists win.

If you menstruate? The terrorists win.

While there are some very interesting, very worthwhile, and very poignant discussions to be had on this topic?  I’m most looking forward to watching conservative outlets try to explain why this is bad thing while trying to do so without being so misogynistic that they get pitchfork wielding mobs.  My guess is they’ll try and make a connection with the period, menstruation, and logistical concerns therein.

Seriously, I’m willing to bet money within the next year that some jack ass blames military spending on tampons, tissues, and Midol provisions.  This sort of stupidity writes itself.

By the way, special thanks to David Demar, the Amateur Professional, for bringing this issue to my attention.

Women in Politics = Patriotic High Heels? Dafuq?

Women in Politics = Patriotic High Heels? Dafuq?

While we’re talking about gender politics, I feel bad for women when it comes to voting.  The leading Democrat and Republican female politicians are both trope-tastic meme fuel.

The Republicans have Sarah Palin, and holy shit…she acts like “Hunter Hick Barbie”, with a public speaking ability granted via her inexplicable ability to read a teleprompter.  Then there is Hilary Clinton…aka Lady Macbeth.  I am fully convinced that the only reason she conceded the Democrat’s nominati0n in 2008 was because she was also vying to be the Witch-Queen of Narnia, and she could only reasonably manage one.

At this point, I hope Oprah does run someday; it would be nice to see a woman vying for President of Vice-President that doesn’t make me cringe.

Pictured: A place that doesn't understand a county isn't a state.

Pictured: A place that doesn’t understand a county isn’t a state.

So apparently, Franklin County in Indiana has declared that any Federal modifications to the second amendment don’t count and are invalid.  In other news, awwww….isn’t that cute?  Bumblefuck-Nowhere, Indiana thinks it’s a sovereign nation!  How adorable!

On a related note, I’ve noticed a disturbing correlation.  There seems to be a tendency amongst those to view the Right to Bare Arms as sacrosanct and unable to be modified due to the obvious intent of the founding fathers.  So….why don’t these same people have the same view about separation of church and state?

No one does literary criticism like Gaston...

No one does literary criticism like Gaston…

I have mixed feelings about the whole “Shades of Grey” trilogy.

Not as a book; gods no.  I wouldn’t even let the rats use it as cage liner.  BDSM-esque Trilight fan-fic?  No. no. no.  What I am curious about is what is might end up doing to fetish sub-culture.

World of Warcraft was the last catalyst needed to push nerd and gamer cultures out of its own niche, and bring it into the broader pop culture audience.  It wasn’t the first blow either.  Now, this brought about a lot of changes.  Did it start off as a wave of sub par, pseudo-geek  crap that pandered to the worst stereotypes and frat boys? Well, yes.  It also got us an Avenger’s movie directed by Joss Whedon, the ability to buy packs of Magic at 3:17am at a Wal-Mart, ushered in conventions like PAX, and you can probably also thank it for the rise of YouTube serials and Kickstarter backed creativity.

It sucked at first, but it also started a Dorkish Renaissance….and some of what that has yielded as been amazing.

I wonder if the Greys won’t do the same things for the fetish and BDSM; draw in the masses, and leave the already curious

.....just make sure they can remember it....

…..just make sure they can remember it….

hungry for the real meat and potatoes.  It’s hardly the first push, it’s hardly the last shove…but it was a big one, and I’msort of cautiously eager to see where this leads….and the changes are already visible.  Some of them are hilarious.We now live in a world where grannies can and have purchased main stream fetish porn in a supermarket.

It’s  a brave new world….which, by the way, makes a good phrase to use as a safeword.


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