Exothermic Infernality or Localized Tsunami; Bring One

I’ve tried to post this about three times.  I End up trying to write it over and over again, and I end up starting from scratch due to satisfaction.  I end up stopping because I analyze it to damn much, and pick everything apart.

So I’m just going to come out with, and all of these explanations I feel I need to make for some reason will come out in due time.

That's Mr. Tolkein if ya nasty.

That’s Mr. Tolkein if ya nasty.

I’m going to be a writer.  There is no try here; this will happen.  Now, paid writer is preferable of course…but it’s not I can force anyone to pay me for writing.  That’s not writing; that’s mugging people and then providing a brochure.

I don’t know what shape this will take.  I don’t know the method.  I don’t really care.

Time to get all John Ronald Reoulish up in this piece.


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