Marr13d L1f3

So this was the game plan…

The lady-pet, SH, and I were moving on April 7th.  We were moving into an apartment attached to my parent’s place, both to get away from a slum lord and to get closer to stable family.  Here lady-pet would finish college and start her career, SH would be in an area where I knew more parents, and I would be in a more financially stable situation…which would make it easier to find my voice as a writer.  It was a pretty solid, sensible plan which is probably why it went up in smoke.

Don’t get me wrong; the plan that replaced it is pretty awesome.  I like this new place.  Still, it requires some adjustment.

April 8th was going to be when I made a strong push to get my writing started.  Articles about current events in pop culture.  Short stories.  Observational humor.  Whatever.  I just wanted to be in a new home with a new perspective to really understand what was going on.  To have less mundane worries so I could focus on things without excess stress or angst.

Maybe it’s for the best that this plan is gone though, because when it comes to writing?  It seems the longer I have to hem and haw over the first couple of stages, the less likely I am to make it to the final project.  While I really appreciate the early, constructive criticism of a close friend?  It was also maddening, because it would have been really to just give up and storm off.  Gods know I’m no stranger to that resolution method.

I also hate that resolution method…so I’ve opted to make lemonade out of lemon.

I’ve started the whole Ge3kl1f3 thing early, and I’m hoping for the best with that.  I’m going to actually start publishing that more freely, as I need all the damn traffic I can get.  I’m also motivating myself to get in the habit of posting more frequently, even if I’m not exactly happy with the content of the post.  No guts, no papyrus…


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