Two Major Points

I’m currently in the editing stage of a post that got a little too long, so I decided to lop off the preface at the top in order to make it more manageable.  What follows are two, very simple and very firm stances.

Firstly: When I am talking about views expressed by others and I’m giving my response to them, I’m not trying to bash or castigate those that have said whatever I am responding to.  If you read my first post on Loki, you may see that some of my statements addressed specific points brought up by Jesse Radcliff, head of Berk County Asatru and Heathenry (BCAH) as well as Chieftain of Der Heidevolkstamm Kindred.  This may have been interpreted by some as an attack, since that’s the way of things on the internet more often then not.   In short; no, it was not any form of attack.

I know Jesse personally, and have for many years.  I don’t agree with some of his opinions, but that does not mean I must stand against the man who holds them.  He and his wife were the first Heathens I found myself comfortable enough to speak to when I began to investigate Asatru.  That was about five years ago, and they did a damned good job steering me in the correct direction.  I have been to their home, enjoyed their hospitality on many occasions, and have considered them friends for sometime.  They have been there multiple times for me, and have also celebrated the milestones in my life.  While Jesse and I have differences, this is not going to prevent me from respecting him or treating him with the courtesy and firth he deserves.  I have faith that he would express a similar opinion.

If I respond to a statement  someone has made?  I’m addressing the statement unless I specify otherwise.  Attacking the person would be ad hominem which, besides being tacky, just dilutes my own argument.

Secondly: I’m talking about religion on the internet, so maybe I should just establish a “troll policy” now, and beat the rush.

If you insult me or use a logical fallacy in your statement, I will point it out and tell you to make revise your statement.  If and when you do, I will respond with diplomacy and respect.  I will, for the most part, refuse to address arguments wrought will fallacies or insults because it’s a waste of time and gets us nowhere.  If you both insult me and use a logical fallacy in your argument, I’m going to ignore it completely or delete it as the situation calls for.

In all situations, I will strive to respect all who chose to speak to me.  I’m not going to drain myself, trying to sink to the levels of fool.  There are easier ways to raise my blood pressure, and most of them taste like either bacon or coffee. 🙂

One thought on “Two Major Points

  1. […] Originally, I had a disclaimer about how my criticism and commentary are meant when directed at the works of others.  I also explained how I intend to deal with any nonconstructive mud slinging that may end up pointed towards my stuff.  This post is a long enough, however, so I split off those things to a post of their own. […]

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