The Rage: A Picture isn’t Worth a Damn Thing

Public Service Announcement  Allow me to take a moment to just out right rant about something…

I fucking hate info graphics sometimes.  Lately, they’ve been even worse then normal.  It always happens in a similar fashion; Some jackass with MS Paint in one hand and the collected works of Goebbels in the other decides to take some clip art and pair it with whatever political manifesto he/she/it deemed acceptable.  Post to Facebook, wait 10 minutes, and then wait until rabid hyenas recite your argument verbatim regardless of whether the comprehend it.

Here’s a tip: stop calling it the Monsanto Protection Act unless you’ve done research on it, and you believe that is what the legislation involved does.  Stop questioning Obama’s citizenship without pause unless you have done your homework and have a reason to think that.  Stop talking about marriage laws, civil liberties, the war on terror, taxes, corn syrup, cancer, or any other damn thing unless you actually have a reason to suspect it’s true.  This isn’t about liberal or conservative views either; it’s about knowing what the fuck you’re talking about beyond what some damn pictures says.

Have an opinion I like.  Have an opinion I don’t like.  I don’t care!  However, you damn well better have an opinion based on something other then something you saw on your facebook feed.  I can somewhat understand when people trust the news too much; it’s supposed to be their job to tell you the truth.  When it comes to pictures on the internet however?  We need to ask ourselves to take a step back, look at the world around us, and stop carrying on about things we don’t actually know a damn thing about.

We’re one step away from old men yelling at clouds.

DISCLAIMER: This post is directed at no one person and/or group.  It’s based on the growing frustration with internet meme culture, where the argument of “you’re stupid and gay” is considered to be a clincher.


6 thoughts on “The Rage: A Picture isn’t Worth a Damn Thing

  1. Raven says:

    I have researched the Monsanto protection act: it is falsely named, but it encourages farmers to experiment with GMO’s which I am not happy about- and yet does not offer the same protection to farmers who are growing medical marijuana. Annoying,

    • My good friend, consider yourself wholly exempt from my irritation here. While I don’t always agree with the conclusions you come to on some matters, I know that your conclusions are YOURS; they weren’t injected into your brain by a pretty picture and repeated with the same comprehension of a parrot.

      My irritation is that so many people look at info graphics and just accept them as the source of pure truth, in the same way that there are people out there who think Gatorade hydrates you better then water because the freakin bottle says so. Madness…

      • Raven says:

        “…But it has the electolytes that plants Crave!” -the movie “Idiocracy”. Worth the dollar to get from redbox or the search on netflix, youtube, etc…

  2. Anonymous says:

    You’re stupid and gay.

  3. I’ve already seen it, and it gave me a chuckle.

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