Etheral Edition: A Devotional to Tyr

My disappointment with current events isn’t exactly a new thing.  Truth be told, it’s a large portion of the reason I’m currently writing….and I’m not sure I like that.  I mean, I am glad to be building something approaching a following over here, but I don’t want to be so gloomy all the time.  I may be passionate about things I see that go wrong, but I also have a love and passion for my faith.  I respect my gods as more then something to complain and gripe about; their is joy here also.

So, I have composed a brief devotional.  While it was written with concerns for the tension I see going on, it’s also a prayer which stands on its own as well.  It was also an attempt craft a small work of skaldic art; their is no real attempt at meter, though I took an attempt at polishing my use of kennings and alliterations.  This way, I can create something artistic to help light the way throgh all the tension.  I hope all enjoy it in some way or another.

I would hail Hymir’s son and Asgard’s Honor
Pledge Pronouncer  and Breaker of Oath Breakers
Friend of the Fame Wolf and Wearer of Wound Fame
The One Handed precursor to the One Eyed Allfather
Hail Tyr, Justice Wielder

Master of both gavel and grit,
May it be that those who cross your causes be given no quarter,
May it be that those who seek to right their wyrd ask for none,

Lord of victory and vim,
May it be that that those who come to you rightly,
Gain the chance to mollify their mortal mistakes,
May it be that those who cast your virtues into the giant’s dark echo,
Lose all chances to be seen as anything but frithless and twisted.

I ask only that should I stumble upon the virtues you uphold,
That I be given the chance to right my misdeeds with honest honor,
And repay the debts that I may have self assigned without the debtors consent

Honor to Hymir’s son
Honor to he who is followed by the Fen Dweller
Honor to the strained stoic.

Honor to Tyr


3 thoughts on “Etheral Edition: A Devotional to Tyr

  1. You have inspired me to try my hand at my own devotionals, I have struggled with overcoming the old prayer techniques and phrases I learned in church.

    This helps me see a different way that might help my creative process in making prayers or other poetry to honor the Gods.Thank you.

    • It is my personal belief that it’s pretty hard to mess up a devotional as long as you’re building it from the right stuff. Don’t push it if it doesn’t feel right, but don’t corner yourself into a certain style or method either; some of my best personal and spiritual progress has been when I started from square one and completely ignored how I had seen anyone else do anything similar.
      Very glad to have been helpful. 🙂

      • Thank you for the advice, I have been doing my best not to force my path or practices where there is active resistance. I have pretty much pulled up and discarded anything I had spent time learning from others, and started over last month. Loki helped, and gave me the spiritual dynamite to blow everything up in a blaze of glory to honor Him.

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