The State of the Me Address

As weird as this sounds, the art depicts sort of how I feel right now.

As weird as this sounds, the art depicts sort of how I feel right now.

So, allow me to reflect for a bit.

I had always wanted to be an author or writer, but it was something that I honestly didn’t think I had the right mindset for.  It’s weird what having a family will do to you though, and it struck me that going for my childhood dream would keep me at home, right where I wanted to be.

After weighing the options of what might eventually land me some sort of career, I decided to take a stab at pop-culture commentary and game journalism.  I opened up another blog, and got to work on getting noticed.  I wasn’t sure if things were going to go anywhere, butI was willing to find out; I was optimistic if nothing else  The blog you are currently reading, which is now a year old, was going to be kept for whenever I could find time to write for myself.

My first (and, thus far, the only) post, was put up on March 7th.  It was more or less a humorous rehash of the Playstation 4 announcement, with a few pot shots taken at David Cage.  I was happy with the start, even though it really didn’t get much attention and wasn’t very original.  Five days later, I published something that was more of a response to personal irritation then anything else; the Loki debate was turning ugly and I choose to put in my two cents.  It was one of the personal, pet projects that my original blog had been created for.  I was extremely proud of my work, and I humorously wondered if it would get any attention.  I more or less presumed I’d get seventeen views if I was particularly like.  Perhaps, if the gods willed it, someone would click on the “like” button.

I had a somewhat stunning moment when I checked the post three or four hours later; my ‘personal’ efforts had caught fire, and I would wind up with 250ish views during the last two weeks of March.  I also started getting more people following this “personal” blog, as well as friend requests.  The most stunning one was from Galina Krasskova, which honestly caused me to just stare at my computer monitor for a few minutes and wonder if I was seeing things. What was even more surprising, however, was how little effort I had gone through to get that attention; I posted it to a few friends and onto the Facebook wall of Freya’s Hall…and that was it.

Let me add some context here; I realized then and realize now that a few hundred people do not launch a career.  I realize that it doesn’t particularly matter if people who are famous (or infamous, depending upon who you are talking to) are reading my stuff.  There are more important things then getting people’s attention, even when you’re trying to start a writing career.  That being said, the sensation of suddenly having random people in Germany pay attention to what you are saying is hard to explain, mostly due to the sheer amount of bewilderment involved.  It’s even more bizarre when someone who has already been published several times over seems to have both read and enjoyed your work.

Shortly after, there was an offer to be able to write for the AFA’s Rune Pebble.  This isn’t a high profile gig mind you, but it’s kind of surreal all the same.  A pair of mother’s day devotionals are going out there, and I’m the one that wrote them.  It’s my pen name that’s going to be credited with their production.  I wrote things, and someone else is going to put those things into a document that people read.  I’m not sure it’s registered yet.  I’m not sure it ever will.  I felt pretty damn special when I got a letter into the school paper, during my senior year in high school; now there are going to be Heathens across the country reading something I wrote and put time into.  The paradigm shift is a bit tricky, and I feel like I need a clutch.

In a few hours, I’m going to talk to some close friends about doing a Heathen podcast.  In a few days, I’ll have a post on how I see frith.  Maybe I’ll start working on Ge3kL1f3 as well, and have some fun on the side.  At the suggestion of a writer friend of mine, I’ve put together a profile on oDesk and I’m looking for work there.  The future is bright and lustrous, and I thank the Gods for that.

I have a family now, and I feel like I have the chance to work on supporting that family with my writing.  It’ll take time, effort, and a lot of hard work…but I may be able to stay at home, watch the kids grow up, grow old with my wife, and do it all on the back of my word processor and my brain.

Hail the Gods!  Life kicks ass!


2 thoughts on “The State of the Me Address

  1. Hail the Gods!

    Glad your wish is manifesting itself in such powerful ways. I find your writing to be both entertaining, and I feel like I learn something every time you post. Thank you, keep up the good work 🙂

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