Etheral Edition: A Limrick for the Laughter of the Aesir

My attempts at studying skaldic prose have been hampered with a less then perfect understanding of their methods.  There are extremely educated guesses out there, but nothing firm it seems.  In either case, as I tried to do a devotion to Loki?  I realized I don’t need the skaldic techniques, as there are more modern methods which lend themselves to his whimsical nature.

It’s just as well; Snorri was a douche to him anyway. 😉

In either case, this a tongue in cheek work of poetry to that very special of divine figures.  I feel that I owe Him much, and I hope my work here has been a suitable attempt to return that favor.  I hope that my attempt to put the nature of Loki into the work forgives some of my more strained and imperfect rhymes.

The tricky thing to writing devotions,
Is that you rarely start with more then just notions,
A concept the surely would bring,
You soul’s deepest part to sing,
Can be hard to phrase up in locutions

Yet there are times when exact prose,
Just can’t hit your desires on the nose,
You need to explore new terrain,
Whether in Denmark or in your brain,
And just follow where your inspiration chooses to go,

So it is with that exact thought in mind,
That I now compose this text set in rhyme,
I swear as sure as I’m breathing,
I am quite a respectful Heathen,
So forgive me in advance, for my last punchline

Let me now hail Odin’s sworn brother,
A trickster who is like no other,
When a divine problem would arise,
Hear the Allfather say “Loki, assume a guise!”
“Now would you please go be my horse’s mother?”

A toast to the husband of Sigyn,
For whom mischief is a means to an end.
Now don’t think I’m spastic;
I’ve no problem with a tactic,
When it leaves Asa-foes crushed again and again.

I now give prayers to the child of Laufey
Whom many leave offerings of coffee,
Many say he likes sweets,
As opposed to pickles and raw meats,
Perhaps I should try and use toffee?

If you think these words, arranged with hilarity,
Are unfit to use along side gods who are composed honorably
I respect your measured position,
And I hope it’s no great imposition,
When I say “Go fuck yourselves!” and “Hail Loki!”

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