Weatherwax SignIf you read my last post, you’ll know that things are strangely looking up right now.  Lest you, dear reader, think I made a deal with the devil?  It’s honestly pretty balanced.

On the one hand,  I’m starting to develop a freelance writing career, looking forward to my wife giving birth to our child, writing a D&D campaign, establishing my blog readership, looking into voice work, and writing a deal that will have my wife and me enter into a potentially profitable tournament pod for Magic the Gathering.

On the other hand, me and my wife are so financially boned that we’d need a case of red pens to write down our finances.  The state of New Jersey, which handles the child support for my step-daughter, seems to not know how banks work.  Also, phones.  They seem somewhat dodgy on what checks are too, come to think of it.  Short version: New Jersey can kiss my ass.   I also got screwed for a promotion at work, because of reasons, and my schedule keeps getting cut because my manager isn’t really versed in how to read his own writing.

These and many other things are going on, both good and bad.   In either case, I’ve been pretty damn busy.  If I’m a less active blogger for the moment?  That’s why.

I have some articles planned.  Very soon we’re going to be talking about how Atheism is becoming what Atheism hates the most, how I’ve experienced beneficial chaos due to the actions of Lokeans,  we’ll take a look at the devotionals I got published in the Rune Pebble, devotionals to other gods as the moment strikes me, a humorous take on why I really couldn’t possibly have a diving patron, and much more!

In the mean time, however, I humbly request your patience as I try and figure out how the hell to work this strange beast called life.

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