The Depths: On Worship

The picture is unrelated to the topic, but it was just to hilarious to pass on.

The picture is unrelated to the topic, but it was just to hilarious to pass on.

I treat the divine in a way that is similar (but not identical) to how I regard any true teacher, whose instruction I might be under.

The gods have my respect, regardless of their methods; it would be stupid for anyone to disrespect a force  stronger then yourself.  While respect is given freely, veneration is not; who I worship and pray to is, by definition, sacred.  I will not defile myself by showing to devotion to beings whose values I find abhorrent.  I do not denounce them; I simply make it clear that their way it not mine.

I am in no position to make demands on the gods to provide me things, just as I am in no position to command an educator to teach me on a given subject  If I am coming to them in their home, what right to I have to command such a thing?  By the same token, I have no reason to grovel; any teacher, mortal or divine, that needs one to shame themselves is not a teacher I wish to be influenced by.  Indeed, the opposite is also true.  Ask yourself if any great educator has a place for soulless, spineless, weak-willed fools.  Of course they don’t, and I don’t believe it to be any different with the divine.  When they speak, they have my attention.  If they ask for something, I give it freely as long as it is within my power to do so.  When I am helped by their actions, I express my gratitude.

It is very simple, and I have found it very fulfilling.

To the best of my knowledge, I have no Fulltrui.  This is a state of affair which I more or less hope endures, as I suspect it’s work I’m not cut out for.  Don’t get me wrong; it’s a calling for which I have a great level of respect.  I also have a great level respect for snipers, programmers, and wet nurses; I just don’t have the knack for those vocations.

However, I do not need a patron to venerate the divine, or to build up connections with it.  Indeed, I would posit that there is something truly noble and worthwhile about making this connection when you have no god claim you as their own.  You did not need to be found or saved; you came because you wanted to.  Every moment you stay, and act with dignity and honor?  Those are moments and connections built up with your own agency.

Sacredness is where you find it.  I often can find it just like this.


4 thoughts on “The Depths: On Worship

  1. The things you write are very eloquent as well as enjoyable. Thank you for sharing, I agree that any being who expects me to grovel in front of them isn’t someone I wish to devote time to.

    • I have an addition to make.

      I use my definition of “groveling”, and I advocate everyone does the same.

      What I determine to be groveling, the Christian perspective may not; to them, they are flawed by nature and need to atone for their original sin. Strangely, they might see leaving offerings as groveling; if my Gods are so great, why is their love conditional? What I see as balanced and respectful, the Pagan to the right of me may find haughty and reproachful. The Pagan to the left of me may wonder what I am being so obsequious.

      While talking to a close friend about the subject of offerings, she said that you should always do what feels right. The same is true here, I think.

      On a completely separate note, thank you for your kind words. 🙂

      • Understood. To each their own. Ask 10 Pagans and get at least 10 answers. Which is how it should be. I agree with your perspective on the Christian faith, I have noticed the same. Exploring what works for each of us is definitely a core trait to flex and strengthen like a muscle.

        You’re welcome 🙂 I like to try to encourage writers that I learn from and enjoy reading, that way they know they are doing good and keep up the effort.

      • Encourage is a valuable resource, easily replenished; I don’t think there is enough of it the world most days.

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