The Rage: Courtroom Jokes

Mr. T

So many fools, so little time to pity ’em…

Normally, I stay away from current events on here.  This is, generally speaking, because current events are a load of shit.  That being said, let me say thin the George Zimmerman hearing going on at present.

Why in the name of lemon scented fuck did that idiot of an attorney get out there, during a murder trail involving the death of a minor, and tell a knock-knock joke to the jury?  What kind of drugs do you have to take to think that is a good idea?  What’s next?  Is the prosecuting attorney gonna counter that one with…

“Knock Knock!”
“Whose there?”
“A seventeen year old!”
“A seventeen year old, who?”
“A seventeen year old who didn’t get shot by George Martin!  Yuk yuk yuk!”

What happened to our court system?  Someone got shot and that bozo is trying to break the ice like he’s at a freaking single’s mixer.  There is a question of whether a grown, adult male shot a kid in cold blood for the crime of wearing a hooded sweatshirt and being black at the same.  There is a question of whether a man was attacked in broad daylight without prompting.  Someone’s son is dead.  Dead.  There was a whole where his lungs used to be.

And this asshole is cracking jokes.  A sad day for the reverent solemnity of the dead.


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