Personal Stance: Now With 140% Less Give-a-Damn!

When in doubt, see above.

When in doubt, see above.

While I’m doing my best to focus on positive things, a recent interaction with someone has brought to mind that there is something I might as well get out into the open now.  I’m sure anyone who knows me well can guess the catalyst, but there is no one certain target for the things you’re about to read. It is my hope that, in the future, should people have something to say about my words?  I shall have this venerable and long standing stance to help hold the line.

If my words offended any member of my readership  in any way, on any subject, this is not my problem.  My words do not contain the desire to physically hurt anymore, nor do they encourage others to inflict pain on my behalf.  They will never be purposed to demean or belittle someone on the basis of their faith, their orientation, their gender, or their ethnic background.  If you read here and view something you see it as a personal insult, that says a lot more about your person than it does about my message.

If you do happen to have an issue with my words, come to me in a civilized and diplomatic fashion and we shall talk about it like adults.  I am well aware of my fallibility; it’s an uncomfortable truth that I address every day, to the best of my ability.  My stance may or may not change, but I will do my best to show you every bit of reasonable respect and diplomacy that honest discourse demands.   If you instead sling ad hominems, brandish petty threats, and/or purposely misrepresent my words to portray in the efforts to construct a straw man for you to knock down?  I’m going to regard that a concession to the correctness of my statements, because if you couldn’t attack them?  I’m going to assume you couldn’t handle me being correct and had a temper tantrum instead.

If there were any conditions that altered that stance, I no longer recognize them; whatever your problems may or may not be, they are not my problems.  If, for any reason, you suspect that you cannot handle my opinions?  Than the onus is now on you, the reader, to avoid them.  A closely held friend recently asked me to “stand down”.  He did it politely, and I said that I would do my best.  Later, however, I realized that I couldn’t do it if I wanted to ; I never ‘stood up’.  I never came out of the corner swinging at anything or anyone; I simply stated my opinion and tried to find the best wording for those thoughts.  If someone else is offended, well, that’s just too damn bad because it’s not my problem.

A simple expression used in all spectrum of Heathen faiths is “we are our deeds”.  I look at most of my deeds in Heathen circles and I have few regrets; how I acted was the best I knew how to given the situations and circumstances of the time.  It’s how I judge myself and, likewise, is how I try to judge others.  I do not care what you did before, or what’s you’ve learned, or what you could be doing; I only care about how you’ve acted towards me and how I’ve seen you act with my own eyes.

I have not received (much) discontent or bile from the community; I suspect my time is limited in that respect.  I have plenty of opinions that the social majority of Heathnism would find offensive.  I don’t see anything wrong with Loki worship, and I venerate Loki more than most other deities.  Rokkatru doesn’t really bother me.   Krasskova and her peers are not dangerous; racists are.  People who can’t fart without the lore risk turning our faith into Heathen Catholicism,  and I regard lore-locked Heathens equally as threatening to the future of Heathenism as racists.  Take the previous two statements together and you come to another good one; I believe lore-nazis are just as much of a problems as nazi-nazis.

I have concerns about Stephen McNallen, even though he seems like a nice guy.   I have concerns about Mark Stinson, and they have nothing to do with the charges presently against him.  Christianity is more our ally than our enemy against the rise of the Republican Religion that is gaining concerning strength in the United States, proselytizing and human greed are more of an issue than monotheism ever will be, and that most of Heathenry makes too big a deal about Christianity in general.

None of these opinions are made to go after anyone; they are what I feel.  I do not have the energy, patience, or dramatic super ego needed to waste my time trolling someone for the sake of pushing their buttons; if I did, I assure you that I would  do a much better job of it.  If, here or elsewhere, I get flaccid threats and pointless accusations made against my person for what I have to say?  I’m either going to ignore them or publicly flyte them.

I do not need a permission slip from anyone for any opinion I have, for anything I have to say, or for anything I do.  End of discussion.

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