Heathen Ethics, Part 2: Racism and Heathen Taqiyya

crazy-old-man-in-a-viking-helmet-thumb5318655We interrupt this discussion on the Nine Noble Virtues to talk about Taqiyya, and the Heathens that practice it.

Allow me to clarify.

The word Taqiyya comes to us from Shi’a Islam.  The short version is that it is the practice of a Muslim lying about his/her religious beliefs when the truth about them would endanger their life and/or property.  It allowed them to have a theologically clean conscious if they needed to perform blasphemous acts in order to save their lives.  They could lie, eat pork, and drink wine without issue if it allowed them to survive.

I did not find this word by my own research.  I found this word when a Heathen elder of my acquaintance posted it, along side some hate speech.  To their mind, Taqiyya was the Muslim practice of lying to people to convert them to Muslim beliefs.  I do realize that there are two sides to every story…but when one side is a calmly worded wikipedia article and the other is a bunch of openly bigoted “tea party patriots” spouting hate speech, I know which side of the argument looks rational and which one does not.

So if that is Islamic Taqiyya, what is the Heathen version?  Well, simply put, it’s when a Heathen pretends that they’re not racist, bigoted, or prejudicial by finding weak words and muddy philosophical concepts to cloud the discussion.   They’re not bigoted, you see, they’re “against universalism”.  They’re not racists, they’re “encouraging others to find their own, native, folkways”.   They’re not hatemongers, they just “don’t want multiculturalism diluting the sacred traditions of their ancestors”.  Don’t be fooled; it’s all smoke and mirrors.  This propaganda is a greater act of  dissimulation than the true definition of Taqiyya ever was or could be. 

Doesn’t this neatly come back to the Nine Noble Virtues?  The Odinic Rite calls “truth” and “fidelity” virtues.  The Asatru Folk Assembly says that honor is better than dishonor and that courage is better than cowardice.  Both of these organizations have the highest number of incidents with racism, but no one actually is willing to say racist.  No, they’re just trying to keep a “pure tradition”.  Ask about the impurities they’re worried about, and they either change the subject or move directly into bigoted turns of phrase.

If you hold bigoted, racist, hate-mongering opinions or views, you’re allowed to have those.  I don’t like them, and chances are I won’t like you for having them, but I have no power to strip your opinions from you.  When you lie about those beliefs, you are telling me that you know that they’re just petty hatred and that you don’t want to admit it.  You’re showing the world you are a spineless coward, afraid of your convictions but too weak-willed to change them.  When you lie about these beliefs, you contradict everything you have said or will ever say.  There is no consequence for your life or property here;  there is no wide reaching, cultural reason for a Heathen to lie in order to save their life and/or possessions within the United States.  No one is going stone you for being a petty little twit and dropping racial slurs; we’re just not going to like you very much.

That’s the only consequence; other people’s opinions.  You don’t want those consequences though, so you pussy foot around the topic instead of facing it with dignity.  This is the worst oath breaking that exists, for it is the sunder of honesty with the one person all men and women should be sworn to be honest to; themselves.

To any Muslims who read this, I am not attempting to provide insult against you or your faith.  I saw one of my own faith manipulate the terms of yours in order to confirm their own biases and hatreds.  When I call it “Heathen Taqiyya”, I do not seek to mock you; I seek to hold liars to account, and than assign them the straw-man of their own creation.  They have created lies in the shape that they believe you to be, not realizing that they they were looking at their own reflection.

To any Folkish Heathens who read this, I have nothing against those with ancestral pride.  My issue today is strictly with those who allow the pride to sour into hateful bile for others, and that have neither the strength or will to be honest about their beliefs.  I have issues with hypocrisy of demanding honesty from everyone themselves.  I have an issue with people ignore frith and hospitality for convenience, rather than actually have the strength to practice their religion when it works against their biases.

If you want to be racist, I can’t stop you.  If you want to lie about being racist, than you are admitting to yourself that you afraid of the consequences of honesty.   I can’t stop you, but I sure as hell don’t consider you a Heathen.


5 thoughts on “Heathen Ethics, Part 2: Racism and Heathen Taqiyya

  1. Holy crap! I missed this one! And I like it most! Bloody brilliant, shining truth.
    Whatever your take on the Dan Halloran shitstorm, he lost most of the heathen community – the parts that I choose to associate with – with that awful weaselly puff piece about how religious he is, twisting and tweaking the words to make it read as if he was Catholic Christian. THEN he defended himself to the community by some sleight of hand that by “Lord” he meant “Týr” or something like that. I wouldn’t have blamed him if someone had put a mike in his face during his campaign and asked him his religious views, and he had said something like “I’d prefer not to discuss” or “I don’t think that’s relevant”. I understand that not being Christian can be a political liability and I don’t expect any heathen to make their spiritual views a part of their campaign. But to be so dishonest to himself, his community, and his voters – is it any wonder things turned out the way they did?
    Can “to thine own self be true” be part of heathen ethics? The phrase is certainly older than any of the NNVs…

    • I think I watch cartoons that are older than the Nine Noble Virtues…

      If we were to use the AFA method of depicting virtues, “Honesty is Better Than Fame” would serve well here. Certainly, there is no harm in seeking fame…but if sought without an honest depiction of the self, the fame serves no one; you alter ego is famous, while the real you is just as unknown as ever.

      As for Dan, this might sound odd but if he were sworn to Odin, Loki or a similar deity? I’d slide him that verbal slight of hand. Letting stupid people make assumptions according to their biases, and phrasing a sentence so that it’s leave room for the actual truth? Completely in their wheelhouse. Hell, I’d have given him points for saying “I have a strongly held belief that one god rules over all” as an Odinsman.

      That’s not Tyr. Tyr is the truth, no matter how hard, is always the best way. Period. End of discussion. In that case, I think even dodging the question isn’t very acceptable.

      • lwood999 says:

        Your argument didn’t sound weird to a fair few people who were watching the thing unfold in real time…or had watched his actions within heathenry over the past twenty years. It often went hand-in-hand with “too squirrelly for Tyr, too easily caught for Odin”.

  2. […] each other.  It’s that simple.  Hell, they belong to the AFA…and I’ve had a few unkind words to say in regards to that organization.  I do not make the mistake of judging them as if […]

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