The Myth of Scarcity, in religion

A wonderful piece, that gave me so much to think on!

Strip Me Back to the Bone

There have been a few things I’ve had the luck to overhear, in the last week or more, which have touched me profoundly. Those messages, those omens and signs that you get when you aren’t really looking for them, the encouragement that tells you you are on the right path. It’s happened while I’ve struggled. As I’ve written about before, something changed within my heart, in the beginning of June. It was, I think, an epiphany, and it was beautiful. I can only say that, immediately after, my being was saturated with grace that was not my own. It was humbling. It is still humbling.

I came out of the holy week of observance for Poseidon Taureos, and immediately begin to revert to old ways of thinking, feeling, being. I’ve caught myself. Contemplation and reflection really are crucial tools for me, for mindfulness, and it’s no longer enough to set…

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2 thoughts on “The Myth of Scarcity, in religion

  1. naiadis says:

    I am so glad you reblogged this — I don’t know that I would have discovered your blog otherwise, and this has been a very great discovery. Had much fun and a number of chuckling and nodding, reading through the three NNV posts last night.

  2. Glad you’ve enjoyed some of my work!

    It’s now on my to do list to go perusing thru some of your writing as well!

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