Help a Rokkatruar Out?

The only reason I’m not donating is, quite frankly, something I cannot speak on freely. Let’s just say that while my situation isn’t identical to Mr. Loptmann’s? I can relate.

All I can do for now is make sure I give the “plate” an opportunity to get passed to a few more hands.

Adventures in Vanaheim

Usually I don’t post things like this here, I save them for Facebook or tumblr, but this story just made me so super mega pissed that I’m sharing it all over the place.

This will take you to a post with a link where you can donate. (The link is at the bottom.)

Please consider donating if you have the cash or reblogging and sharing the shit out of this.

Thank you.

ETA: Changed it so that the link isn’t a direct link, which should fix any problems.

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