Ethereal Edition: A Heathen’s Prayer

Odin WoodcutThe writing process is pretty odd for me, in that my train of thought is always two weeks behind me.  I need time to absorb and comprehend things, in order to really properly organize my thoughts.  This all sounds pretty simple and basic, but believe me that it gets kind of tricky at times.  A lot of times this means I’m responding to current events well after the curve.

It also means that I end up writing stuff at odd times, given the subject matter.  The prayer below was written almost entirely while I was in the hospital with my wife, as she took a much need nap during the process of having her labor induced*.  I’m sure that a prayer/devotional is coming for kids, for new father, and new mothers…but at the moment, my internal writer was stuck on pondering something else.

We are our deeds.  It’s one of the most sacred phrases within Heathenry.  I found myself considering it a lot as I put down my thoughts on conversion.  Some of these thoughts ended up shaping into a poem of sorts.  Unlike most of my devotional poetry, this one is not intended for the Gods.  Rather, it’s a piece of inspirational writing for for Heathens.

My deeds are within me,
And I within them,
From the very beginning,
To the very end,

What I have done and wrought with will,
Shall be my soul’s own true herald
What I have crafted with my own strength,
Can never be stolen or imperiled.

My wyrd and luck are mine alone.
The swindler finds it outside their reach
The frith I craft cannot be usurped,
It cannot be drained by a foolish leech

Lies that are told quickly sunder,
And time is the friend of honor,
The truth of my deeds will ever be found,
By every noble son and daughter.

As am I,
So are you.
As we are,
So are all,
Within every Hof
Within every Hal

* Mother and baby are both healthy, though my daughter was born two weeks early so she’s in the NICU at the moment.  She is perfectly stable however, thank Eir!

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