Now Appearing at Witches and Pagans

wtfWhile you really need to take the information gleaned from astrology with a grain of salt, I find it useful for the tangential links that I can find within it.  I have never met a Scorpio that wasn’t capable of driving me absolutely insane and I’ve never met a Virgo who wasn’t a brilliant organizer and somewhat frazzles, for instance.  From this point forward, I will be adding “starting an on-line project during Mercury Retrograde without expecting all of the technology involved to flip you off and say unkind things about your parentage is hopelessly naive”. to the list of things I have so learned.

After a couple of weeks, however, all the technical snafus and delays that prevented me from making this announcement have passed.  Time to get down to business!

In addition to my blog here, I’ll be doing writing over at PaganSquare/Witches and Pagans.  The blog is titled “Two-Way Bifrost“, and it’s about helping a more diplomatic and frithful dialogue take place between the various interpretations of Norse Polytheism and the rest of the Pagan community.

I’ve noticed that there is an excessively large amount of bile between Asatru/Heathenism and (essentially) every other religion out there.  This is, in my opinion, to our determent.  I’m not here to say that it is possible to get along and agree with everyone, one hundred percent of the time,  Such expectations are very ignorant and optimistic to the point of danger.

That is, however, no excuse for the state of things at the present.  The rhetoric that has been put down between philosophically opposed camps gotten out of hand.  Threats, insults, and logical fallacies run rampant at the slightest hinting of certain topics.  After a few minutes of such conflagrations, I can no longer tell who I agree with from who I don’t; it turns into an ugly fight that no longer addresses what is said, but simply punishes the person who dared to say it.

It doesn’t need to be like this, and it really shouldn’t be.  Anyone who believes they can bully and fight their way to 100% acceptance is just as deluded and foolish as those who insist every single person can get along with every other one.  Neither extreme is rational or tennable, and it’s up to those of us who care to try and stake a claim to the middle ground.  We can learn to embrace though thing which make us similar.  We can push ourselves to act with the discipline and willpower needed to hold meaningful discourse with others, even when we disagree with them.  We can demand ourselves to act both frithfully and grithfully, even when we can get away without a meaningful consequence.

Not that one!

Not that one!  The fake news one!

Fighting weakens us.  Frith strengthens us.  To quote John Stewart, “…we can have animus and not be enemies”.  We can have a passionate discourse, and still act like human beings.  There may even be times where we can just share in mutual hospitality, regardless of the benign particulars.  Germania and Iceland had explorers and traders, and they were as respected at home and by other cultures as were their warriors.  Sometimes, there is no chance to use words and sometimes the only option is force…but our ancestors used such prowess to defend their homes and family from those who would harm them.

No matter what you may want to think on the matter, talking to someone who disagrees with you is not the same thing.  It’s not even close.  It’s high time more of us started acting like it.  This is not a statement, subtly shifting blame to any one side of any one argument either; I’ve seen plenty of people who I agree with act horribly when it comes to the discourse at hand.

At the very least, come for the memes, but stay for the diplomacy!

At the very least, come for the memes, but stay for the diplomacy!

I’ve heard more and more people talking about coming together as polytheists, and breaking down barriers.  I wholeheartedly agree with such concepts, and would like to work towards such efforts.  Not just amongst polytheists, but with anyone who has the courage and tenacity sit across the isle from me.

Have a seat, hail the Gods and Goddess of your choice, and lets get started!


5 thoughts on “Now Appearing at Witches and Pagans

  1. rupertblitz says:

    While I adore your blog and the new one over at WitchesAndPagans sounds exciting, I am sadly unable to follow it as well. I am unable to read or follow blogs on that website due to how unaccessible the website is to anyone using a screen reader.

    • That is an absolute shame!

      Have you tried informing the management of Witches and Pagans of this? As inclusive as they attempt to be, there is a chance that they may be unaware of the problem.

      • rupertblitz says:

        Sadly I am unable to send an email to the site manager because the site’s contact formThis is also a reason why I haven’t created a WitchesAndPagans twin to my main blog because joining the site also requires a vertification code.

        From what I’ve noticed the main problem with the site as far as screen reader accessibility is that when you scroll through all the links to get to the text the website tends to cycle through only the links or if it does send you to the text portion of the page its only so it can read headlines and titles before it sends you back into the endless stream of links.

        The only blogging platforms that are worse than WitchesAndPagans in this regard are Patheos, tumblr, and sites like them. requires a vertification code/caption image and I can’t do caption image based vertification codes. Many sites now offer an audio version of the code but most of the time they don’t work at all or if they do work they tend to work horribly which is the case with WitchesAndPagans.

      • Ill pass your issues on to the administrators of Witches and Pagans…though that would require your e-mail so they would have the chance to get back to you.

        I could also send you my material from that blog privately if you’d like.

      • rupertblitz says:

        Yeah, both would be great, thanks. An email that I have no problems giving out publically is

        Heil Dunner! Son of Wodan and Erda! Husband of Siwwa and father of Trude, Magni and Modi! Protector of Aseheem and Manheem! Guide and guard us always!

        Date: Mon, 4 Nov 2013 06:47:02 +0000 To:

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