On Faith and Community Politics

“I want to be a force for unity and mutual respect among pagans of all kinds, even if we can never agree on everything. I want to build frith, not just with other Norse/Germanic types, but with people from other traditions, people whose practice varies wildly from mine. I even want to do that in an ecumenical sense, which includes non-believers; two of my closest friends and several more beside are atheists, and I don’t feel that my devotion is compromised by associating with them, or that it’s my job to make them respect my gods. It’s harder, actually, for me to be open-minded about monism, despite having once been a monist myself. It requires trust and faith, which as I’ve said, are difficult for me to manage. But I believe it’s worth it.”

That statement, in particular, really resonated with me; it echoed my own sentiments in better words than I am likely to have found myself. The entire article is filled with gold and gems, however, and it comes with an extremely high recommendation.



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