NaNoWriMo: You’re Doing it Wrong.

I debated joining in on NaNoWriMo (Which sounds like the character on a cartoon, by the by) but ended up opting to wait until next year; I have too much on my plate at the present moment that I want to focus on, and I’m not in the place to take on a project like this right now.

A good, but far too distant, friend of mine has some very intelligent things to say regarding people who might not understand the spirit of the event. I’ll be taking part it next year Dave…and you can bet that I’ll be focused more on the words than the word count!

Amateur Professional

I was talking with a good friend and colleague of mine this week, and he expressed a serious concern to me. His social media feeds were lighting up with people participating in National Novel Writing Month as they bragged about their progress so far. “These people are going at it all wrong,” he told me. “It’s not about how many words you got done today or who you ‘write like,’ it’s about writing a fucking novel.”

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One thought on “NaNoWriMo: You’re Doing it Wrong.

  1. David DeMar says:

    Good to hear! Glad you enjoyed my thoughts on NaNoWriMo. And God I hate typing that, it just sounds goofy.

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