Meanwhile, over at Witches and Pagans…

I  wrote an article over at Witches and Pagan that I would like everyone to read.  Two-Way Bifrost exists as an entity to promote ways and methods by which various flavors of Pagans and Polytheists can get along better.  I also make my religious views on subjects within Heathenry well known here.  This was one of those articles that would fit in with either of these blogs, and I chose to put it over at W&P (as opposed to WP, I guess) in order to give it a little more traffic.  It’s a topic that deserves some traffic.

The group, Heathens United Against Racism, is doing an event you see; a global Nidstang against the attempts of racists to co-op the various Heathen faiths.  The found of the group asked those of us with blogs to write on the subject, and so I did.  I encourage everyone to go to take a look over there.


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