Ethereal Edition: To Forseti, and to the Year to Come

Hello!  Don’t mind the cobwebs and dust!  The last few weeks have been ground zero for both my immune system, as well as my three month old daughter.  Add the holidays to that, and things suddenly getting stupidly complex.  At this point I’m alive, swallowing food without pain, and no longer needing to ride shotgun while my wife drives an average of about 200 miles a day* so let’s get back to business.

Part of my quiet, however, has been related to my disquiet with how things stand in Heatenry and Asatru.  Some fact checking on some of the references popularly used to address complaints at Folkism in general and the AFA in particular hint at things I’m not very happy with, the Lokean debate has gotten quiet but that’s meaningless because all that means is that both sides have gotten exhausted with things for the moment, and in general general everything feels very broken and fragmented.

Trying to address this situation with grace and tact is difficult.  It’s time like these that I strongly regret our lack of lore on Foreseti, the son of Baldr and Nanna.  What little we know of him suggests that he was a Holy Power of mediation and reconciliation.  If there are any legends, myths, and saga that we desperately need, if would be his; the one who was said to be able to settle any disagreement that was placed in his hands is a God whose guidance many of our leaders and authors sorely need.

As the old year is coming to a close, and a new one is on the horizon, I’d like to offer this small devotional to a God I would very much like a better understanding of.  May his influence be felt in the coming year, and those years that come after

Son of Breidablik’s Honored Throne
Son of She That Dares to Strengthen
The Heir of the Heir of Asgard

Forseti, Lord of Shining Glitnir
Forseti, He Who Raises Fallen Frith
Forseti, Wielder Of Both Grith and Glittering Axe

When I speak, may it bring kith and kin together.
When I write, may it help bridge minds and souls.
When I read, may I hear the wisdom that is born in Your brow.

I hail you, Lord that crafts kingdoms out of lesser lords,
May the walls of Glitnir be shunned by those who disrespect it laws,
And may they ever be found by those who seek your face but have yet to hear your name.

Hail the Son of Asa Baldr!  Hail the Son of Asa Nanna!
Hail Asa Forseti, and all of his line!

*Between our two cars, hers can handle long trips and mine can’t.  Her car is stick shift while mine isn’t.  She can drive stick, and I have no yet learned how.  Considering how much my wife hates driving, she handle this situation (and my passenger seat driving) with amazing aplomb

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4 thoughts on “Ethereal Edition: To Forseti, and to the Year to Come

  1. Get well soon, friend. 🙂

  2. Thank you for this article. It is very timely. You may be interested in this: I have started up a consolidated website with information about Forseti, including a translation of the Frisian legend associated with Him. If you have any writings, etc., you would like to share, I would be honored to include them.

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