Ethereal Edition: Focusing on the Important

At this moment, I don’t feel particularly pious.  I feel bitter, angry, and hurt.

This is how I knew it is the time to be pious.

There are people with the community* who suggest that all insults need to be met with, swift, hard, and blunt retaliation.  These people suggest that anyone who would do otherwise is some failure of a Heathen, and is letting their ancestors down.  I call bullshit for any number of reasons**, but the foremost is that our lore, legends, and myths are filled with characters whose actions are far more complex.  It is for this reason that I compose the following.

May those who read it find it of use in their own veneration***.

When there is no time for anger.
When there is no time for hate.
When there is only time to move forward,
And take the fate that we have been woven,

I hail Sigyn.
Strongest of women.
Wisest of Sufferers.
Martyr without wounds.

Yours is a calm unmarred by death,
Yours is a serenity unblemished by pain,
Yours is a will unsundered by burdens

I hail Sigyn,
Teacher of patience.
Scholar of will.
Matron of focus.

Lady of Temperance,
Allow me to learn your ways
As I pass through the strife in my life.
May it be that no person can move me,
Lest I move myself.

Hail Sigyn!

* I use both the terms “community” and “people” extremely loosely.?
**Foremost among those reasons is that a family line who answers all slights with physical violence isn’t going to have enough ancestors survive in order to make predecessors.  Swords are sharp.
***Normally, I’d attempt to find a picture to go with this.  Today, I can’t find a picture I like that isn’t associate with Marvel comics.  Normally I don’t have a problem with Marvel, but this sort of annoyed me today…

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