Ethereal Edition: To the Forgotten Unforgotten

The FogI’ve actually been doing a light amount of academic research the last few weeks, which is unusual for me.  While I respect the academic and scholarly approaches to out faith, I also think too many depend upon them too much.  Too many approach the lore as a record, rather than a finger point to the moon..and I think we damage our faith with an over reliance on the lore.

Yet, I’ve been looking over Stephan Grundy’s words on Loki and it’s been making me curious to expand out and tackle some more diverse topics.  In particular, it has stuck me by how much we have lost.  The nature of veneration for much of our faith is gone, and we are lucky to have the scraps we do in some cases.  It in this frame of mind that I offer the following.

To those who halls were not remembered,
To those who tales were not retold,
To those whose place in time was not recorded.
I offer these words.

Though your names may be lost,
My ancestors were not.
Though recount of your deeds did not endure,
Their results have.
Though your lessons have gone untaught,
Your wisdom can still be found.

To those Gods and Goddesses,
That history did not mark,
To those Heroes and Heroines,
Whose Sagas found no scribe,
To the forgotten unforgotten,
I say this.

There are those who see the empty spaces,
where once your altars were.
There are those who search dark tomes,
in the pursuit of bright names.
There are those that seek you still,
Call out to prayer on the lips on ancestors.

Today, I remember the forgotten unforgotten,
May the day of their remembrance be soon.


One thought on “Ethereal Edition: To the Forgotten Unforgotten

  1. Doug Freyburger says:

    As the reawakening brings those who work to remember, so too may the reawakening bring those who do work that deserves to be remembered. Hail the scholars digging into the past! Hail the doers building the future! Full the foundation, strong the edifice.

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