Regarding Loki, Part 8: April Fool’s Day

Hail Loki,
Lord of Hearthfire
Joy of the Føroyar
Mirth Seeker, Truth Tracker, Hammer Dowser

For what we do not know,
There will be answers.
For what we have not heard,
There will be echos.
For what we have not have seen,
There will be explorers.

When holy days are lost,
New ones are found.
When myths are forgotten,
New ones take their place.
When wisdom is misplaced
New wisdom shall recover it.

The fire does not go out,
So long as there are those who tend it.

Hail Asa-Loki!


One thought on “Regarding Loki, Part 8: April Fool’s Day

  1. Doug Freyburger says:

    My standard reaction to Child Saver is “always welcome, never invited”. Walking mostly with Thunderer in recent years I figure his traveling companion could show up in my life any time. I take what preventive measures I know about – Observing the Old Oath – and pretty much figure I’ll deal with it when or if it happens. Being Loki positive is to me part and parcel with the fact that I’m Asatru because Wanderer told me to follow. To drink to any of the three can either implicitly or explicitly include drinking to the others. It’s something that some in the community are in denial about. There problem as far as I’m concerned.

    Why does Thunderer follow Mister Lightning? Because that’s how it works in storms here on Midgard. Reality mimics myth and vice versa.

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