This Will Not Stand.

Yesterday, Galina Krasskova released a blog entry of her own by the same name.  When attempting to name my own article, I realized nothing else seemed to fit the bill properly.  What is happening here, on many levels, cannot and will not stand.

Click the logo to be taken to the fundraiser.

Click the logo to be taken to the fundraiser.

The discussion that will be cause by the violence of a single bigot will be potent, and they will be necessary.  For now, however, it falls upon to see that we respect the victims of that crime as well as those they left behind.  Not because we are responsible, but because we can.  The victims of this senseless tragedy weren’t involved in CNN’s poor journalism that painted all of us with a single brush stroke; they were simply possessed of the misfortune to be near a violent sociopath at the wrong time.  If we are going to be force to be involved in this, than let that involvement yield honorable and frithful results.

Some of us have put together a fundraiser to assist those effected by this tragedy.  If you can give, give.  If you can afford to, spread the message so we can find more people that can.  Than, once the dust settles on this, it’ll be time to have some very important conversations.  Conversations that have waited for far too long, and cannot wait any longer.


2 thoughts on “This Will Not Stand.

  1. […] Tradition as a justification for hate crimes and bigotry.  And there are Heathens who feel that words are not enough, and have organized a fundraiser to help the families affected by the […]

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