Sorry to Disappoint, but There is No Conspiracy

Well, at least it's not  about jet trails...

Well, at least it’s not
about jet trails…

The events surrounding the victims in Kansas City* have yielded a lot of interesting perspectives and revelations within the Heathen community.  Some of us have banded together to display the true depth and content of the Heathen spirit, and have attempt to show those effected our compassion and support.  Some out there have chosen to play the victims in all of this and cast the various effort to work against racism as some sort of betrayal.  It speaks of the nature of such people that, less then a week after the crime was committed, they were out there trying to portray themselves as the victim in all of this.  Gods only know how that works, considering that they weren’t the ones with an aspiring mass murder firing off rounds in their backyards, but we can only play the cards we’re dealt I guess.

I’d link to examples of such paranoia, but I don’t want to give that sort of nonsense any traffic.  The short version is that some of us are reaching out to various organizations (such as the Southern Poverty Law Center) and are trying to explain the differences between racist and non-racist Heathenry, and some people view this as some sort of treacherous effort to attack Folkism, Conservative Heathen Values, and a host of other imagined targets.  The reasons for these presumptions are left unspoken, which is a pretty good sign that it’s entirely made up.  Still, to quote Terry Pratchett, a lie can get around the world before the truth can get its boots on.

So let’s just cut to the chase here: no one is going on a witch hunt, turning in names, or anything like that.  Claims to the contrary are either fabrications or baseless rumors exclusively.  Even if we were, it’s not like you guys are trying to hide.  On that note…

Protip: If you are a white supremacist, racist, bigot worried about being turned in for something related to your hideous racism…maybe you shouldn’t post pro-racist nonsense on the most populated social networking websites in the  world! 

White Nationalism Snapshot

I guess all the people who post this nonsense are worried about the SPLC…while, at the same time, pretending that they don’t have the internet…

Seriously, all the people making up stories about the Universalist Thought Gestapo(c) are the same people with Facebook profiles that outright state everything they are worried about being turned in for.  Even if we were handing names over to some third party, the information we can get is the exact same information that everyone in the first world can find with a fucking Google search.  Some of these people and groups have their own freaking Wikipedia pages and publishing companies!  They have Twitter accounts where they write hateful messages of 144 character or less,  Tumblrs where they post racists memes, but somehow there is a fear that a third party is going to going to expose them in a way that they haven’t already done themselves**.

Imagine a drug dealer who has a Twitter profile named @ISellCocaineOn23rdandWashington.   He posts his prices on tumblr, and puts up photographed records of his favorite drug sales on Facebook.  His likes are filled with the names of famous drug dealers and street drugs, all of his favorite books are  about making drugs, and all of his favorite movies are documentaries about how to evade law enforcement agencies.  Now imagine this hypothetical drug dealer is paranoid about a DEA drug bust, even as he turns all of the incriminating information at his disposal into a matter of internet record on a daily basis.  The most amusing thing about this metaphor is where it doesn’t work; what @ISellCocaineOn23rdandWashington is doing is obviously and clearly illegal, whereas racism is protected by free speech.  The people I’m talking about are worried that they will be turned in for crimes that don’t even exist, yet they make the information that would condemn them of these non-existent crimes publicly available.

There is a reason that a lot of us have been laughing our asses off lately; the concerns of these people aren’t based in reality.  Even if the efforts to “turn them in” actually existed, there would be no where to turn them in to.  Seriously, calm the hell down; no one is coming for you.  Though, let me tell you, it gives me the giggles that there are whole lot of racists, bigots, and fascists scared that someone is going to come after them.  That’s like wolves worried about a sheep in wolves’ clothing.  It’s the kind of obscene hilarity that usually never escaped entities like The Far Side.  I mean, I know the truth is stranger than fiction, but I never expected it to be stranger than satire and parody!

You don't need to make the hats today, ladies and gentlemen; save the foil for your baked potatoes.

You don’t need to make the hats today, ladies and gentlemen; save the foil for your baked potatoes.

In either case, the idea of such a conspiracy to secretly hunt down suspected racists is pretty ridiculous.  Anyone who is actually worried about it either hasn’t truly thought it through*** or knows that it’s bullshit but has an investment in crafting a racist rallying point.  It couldn’t happen, even if we wanted it to do it, and anyone who tells you otherwise is either mentally sick, doesn’t understand what is going on, or is trying to sell you something.

*The English language is pretty much designed to focus on the attacker (active role) more than the one attacked (passive role)  Still I think that, when we refer to this incident, we should be focused on the circumstances of those in grief and mourning rather than the consequences justly incurred by the perpetrator.
**While I usually like to provide proof for my sentiments, you’ll have to Google these monsters yourself; I don’t want to give them the traffic and I certainly don’t want a link extending between my blog and their madness.  All I know is, with five minutes of searching, I found David Duke’s twitter.  His was the first name I entered, and the name was chosen more or less at random.  I entered bigoted terms into Tumblr and found dozens of profiles.  No one is suppressing the free speech of racists; if someone is attempting to do that, they’re doing a miserable job of it.
***If you have heard rumors about the anti-racists working to craft some sort of Folkish aimed witch hunt and are worried about things, you can stand down and relax.  I don’t know of anyone attempting such a thing, and neither do I want to.  If someone IS out there attempting to build a conspiracy like that…than they’re just as crazy and misguided as the bigots trying to create a boogyman out of their own nightmares and fever dreams.


5 thoughts on “Sorry to Disappoint, but There is No Conspiracy

  1. Doug Freyburger says:

    All adoptive organizations will eject racists on detection. If some racist is delusional enough to call that a conspiracy, tough.

    The Southern Poverty Law Center has long labelled anyone they disagree with as problem groups. As they are Christians pretty much any non-JCI group gets a negative review on their list. It’s worthless and meaningless for this reason. if they actually vetted their claims it would be different but many heathens have long ago written them off as predictably bigoted against anyone but JCI.

    • I could care less what madness people bring upon themselves, but I’d figure it would be worth it to record how foolish the perspective is. I’ve seen surprise parties that constitute more of a conspiracy than the supposed scourges of the Universalist Thought Gestapo(C), and that becomes easy to see once you realize what you’re looking at.

      People who are calling it pointless, foolish, and a waste of time…I get that. It’s just that I’ve wasted my time on far less noble goals than good intentions, and I’d rather try and fail then just presume the failure to be an unnavigable status quo.

  2. I made no bones about it on my blog that I USED to be affiliated with those assclowns. (Racists/skinheads) to the point where my country’s secret service/FBI type org was monitoring my online interactions. It’s all out there as to my heart change and brain change and stuff…so it’s no secret.

    Trust me, the FBI/CSIS/MI6 or whatever intelligence org out there, knows already who is affiliated with a racial gang and who is not. Even if they didn’t broadcast on facebook, there are other sites where they congregate, and yes, they are watched. Very very closely.

    Funny thing, the same guy who was watching me back in the day, also was the guy who did my husband’s security interview for his job. I don’t think that was coincidence tbh.

    So yeah, dose of reality, the authorities already know. Some are watched closer than others. Take it from someone who was there and done that…regretfully.

  3. caelesti says:

    We’ve had to kick out a few people in Celtic Pagan groups on Facebook for expressing racist/anti-Semitic views. One of them I contacted a mod about, after I checked out his profile- he had loads of *likes* and memberships in obvious hate groups. The mod said- we’ll put up with him for now, if he doesn’t say anything, in case he’s thinking about changing his ways, and eject him if misbehaves. Unsurprisingly, he blew it. I think we should just have a zero tolerance policy, (as with anyone with serious suspicion of being an abuser)
    On a side note, I’ve heard (though not positive) that the SPLC is more neutral about Asatru/Heathenry in general than in the past. I think it would be good to have a rep from the community on their board.

    • Modding Heathen groups and trying to keep them free of bigots is sort of nerve wracking, to be honest. You’re worried about getting fake accounts that are just trying to troll you or worse, but still trying to keep the door open for people trying to change their outlook. It’s laughable how bad some groups are at it, but I sort of all understand how it can end up that way; it’s a balancing act, and not an easy one.

      Zero tolerance policies are very easy to talk about but difficult as hell to actively enforce. This is especially true in social media, where some pages get likes/join requests just because people mass join/like Heathen pages without looking at them….and some groups are just tolerant of such material, while not promoting it. It makes it very hard to tell what a person’s own viewpoint is, and approaching them doesn’t always get you honest answers.

      Also, I completely agree about SPLC. Absolutely. If not on their board, it would be at least nice to have an open channel of communication. I’ve researched their claim to fame, and their legal tactics are bloody brilliant.

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