4 (Real) Reasons Heathens Hate Lokeans: By a Lokean

I swear that I’m working hard on a lot of work that I want to ensure if PERFECT before I publish it. In the mean time, take a look at some pretty perfect work written by an extremely savvy scholar.


One thought on “4 (Real) Reasons Heathens Hate Lokeans: By a Lokean

  1. Doug Freyburger says:

    I read “a thousand” and went Huh? I’ve met in person 3 heathens who have met him and got told in no uncertain terms that they were his plus 2 who could be called the schoolgirl type who never met him and decided on their own. On line I’ve encountered plenty of others but still far below 100.

    I kept reading to figure out what I’d missed. Wiccans, eclectics and so on appear to be included in the thousand. Ah, right. I’ve met a few of the Aesir so I know they “exist” and they are out recruiting. So Mister Lightning has decided to recruit among those who aren’t heathens. I find that unexpected but not surprising.

    The Troth is mentioned. The pro-Loki stance is the founding approach to the Troth. In recent years there has been an invasion by anti-Loki folks who had never had any influence int he organization before. I suggest pro-Loki folks join in droves and vote accordingly. Instead of leaving and letting the invaders have increasing influence, join and by voting numbers ensure the invaders have decreasing influence. That’s my suggestion.

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