Ethereal Edition: A Prayer for Those Who Care for People on the Fringe

Tomorrow will be my last day of training at my new job, as well as doubling as an orientation for the actual site I’ll be working at.  I’ll be working with adults who grew up with IDDs of various sorts (Intellectual Developmental Disorders), and helping them care for themselves while encouraging them to take an active role in their own well being.  This appeals to me on a number of levels, both personal and spiritual, and I’ve been looking forward to it for a while.

The spiritual parallels should be easy for most to see; worshipers of Loki and Sigyn have often drawn parallels between their deities and people with mental health issues, as well as those who have been marginalized by society.  Those with such disabilities count strongly in both categories.  There are connections
to the medicinal care-taking personified by Eir as well.

What follows is a prayer I wrote for this new job.  This isn’t just a way to make money for my family; this a way to make money for my family while making the world a better place in the same breath.  I want to embrace this new career to it’s fullest, and the guidance of the Gods and the Goddesses would be invaluable.

Fire’s Trickster and Champion of Ingenuity
Victory’s Lady and Suffering’s Mother
Divinity’s Doctor and Council to the Muddled
I ask for your wisdom, your eyes, and your ears.

Today I will go where the sick are plentiful,
Where the pain is palpable,
And their place forgettable.
I will care for those who,
have been tossed to the mire.
Not for crimes,
But for the pain born by them,
Simply from the act of birth.

Maligned for their existing.
Shunned for their nature.

May it be that I can bring laughter to the joyless,
Serenity to the wild-hearted,
And recovery to the incurable.
May your hands and voices be there to guide me,
When a map cannot be found,
And there is no star to direct my way.

Loki, creator of strength within strife.
Sigyn, serenity and compassion within tragedy.
Eir, greatest physician of the Aesir

Please guide me as I go about my day,
And help me see my charges,
Through your eyes,
And know them through your ways.

Hail the Gods and their Allies!
Hail the Ancestors and their Descendants!
Hail the Folk and their Friends!

3 thoughts on “Ethereal Edition: A Prayer for Those Who Care for People on the Fringe

  1. caelesti says:

    I think those folks will be lucky to have someone compassionate & as insightful as you, and it’s nice to find a job that is truly about helping others. (I’d suggest thinking less in terms of healing/sickness than accepting people as they are) I would like to work with people with disabilities too, the barrier I’ve had is that I don’t have a driver’s license, and most of those jobs require that, but I’ll be getting mine in December.

    • Well, part of the focus that they gave us in training is helping these people find the best way to deal with their circumstances as well as help guide them in resolving their problems. Also, and this is just speculation on my part at this point, but I think some of the sickness involved is being treated less as a person and more as a thing. Somewhere between a child and a timebomb.

      That can exacerbate any number of conditions…and those with conditions that impair their ability to communicate and/or reason are more than likely more vulnerable then most.

  2. Eve says:

    Congratulations! And I love your prayer. I think you will help a lot of people. Your attitude is great and it’s so refreshing to see someone write like this. My own difficulties have made me see that so many people have a really bad and frustrating attitude towards any kind of ‘disability’, physical or mental. Good luck with your new job 🙂

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