Cerebral Junk Drawer

Okay, so between the new job and a bad throat cold, I haven’t written anything.  So let’s fix that and chat about some stuff.

The new job is going quite well, and is more rewarding that I could have previously guessed.  The joke that I have been telling people is that, in retail and food service, I would wait on hundreds of people and have no idea what their problem is.  Now I work with a half-dozen people who have detailed logs about everything that is wrong with them, and this is a much easier way to go about my day.

That’s the joke I say.  The joke that I often keep to myself is that this is entirely true, and it speaks volumes about what is wrong about a large portion of the public. The joke is that there is no joke, merely a bizarre reality reflected via a fun house mirror.

Asking for “back-up” from Loki, Sigyn, and Eir was probably a wiser idea then I could have ever realized beforehand.  Meditation on them has given me the perspective to solve unusual problems with quick thinking, to show compassion and loyalty to those who have been discarded by society, and reminded me to keep an eye on the well being of the persons who I am helping.  I feel very blessed to have even found this career path in the first placed, and even more blessed that this is how I am able to make a living.

I recently discovered a neo-nazi, white supremacist soap maker.  This struck me as a bit of a bizarre incongruity, but then I recalled that Adolf Hitler was a vegetarian painter…so maybe hypocritical surrealism is a Nazi prerequisite.

In either case, it gave me quite a chuckle.

Listen, I can’t make anyone change their philosophies…but when you make vanity products out of tropical fruit your ancestors never even saw, much less used, all the while complaining about “Cultural Marxism”?  You look like an absolute idiot, filling the air with a cloying insincerity and xenophobia. Either that, or you look a hate filled bigot who doesn’t understand how biomes work.

In either case, you’re a tool.

Every now and again, I see someone had something to say about something I’ve written.  It always reaches me third hand, and it’s always off in some corner of the internet that I never go to.  Most recently, someone suggested that my views on racism indicated that I probably had a “pineapple up my ass”.

In case that person is worried, I’ve checked my ass for tropical fruit on multiple occasions since I’ve seen that statement.  Happily, all examinations have come back worry free.  In all seriousness, you don’t have to like what I say.  However, when make little ad hominem quips, you are telling me two things.

1. That you need to talk about my opinions away from where I can meaningful respond to them, or even have a reasonable chance of seeing them because you either are unable to handle either conflict or criticism

2. You have nothing to say that meaningfully impact my statement…otherwise you would have said something useful instead of speculating upon the contents of my anus.

People saying this stuff aren’t worth responding to for the most part; I could seek out these trolls and give them the old semantic one-two punch of logic and critical thinking…or I could have a snack.  Or take a nap.  Or play with my daughters.  Or check for rectal-pineapples again.  Any of these things are more important then trying to explain to some keyboard warrior why they’re completely full of it.

However…if one of those detractors is reading?  I do have one thing to say…..thanks for the views, and come again.  You are one of 16,916 reasons (and counting!) that I write what I do, because without my readership I’d be just someone talking in some forgotten corner of a reddit forum with delusions of relevance.  Thank you for all of your support and encouragement.*

Heathens United Against Racism has taught me a few interesting things about what people.  One such lesson is that some people just want to have a little sticker on their shirt that says “not-racist!”. They don’t want to havve to do or say anything about racism in the process, which I find kind of weird.

Like us or hate us, we’re not being subtle about our purposes.  We are a largely Heathen group, and we try to act in a united fashion.  Accordingly, we are united against the various form of bigotry that exist within our religion and our culture, with racism being a particular point of concern.  It’s not like we named ourselves the Tallahassee Stamp Collecting and Juice Making Association; our name is pretty on point. 

Yet, on an at least weekly basis, someone posts something along the lines of “Well, I’m not a racist…but what are we spending all this time talking about racism?”.

I get that the word “against” has many different facets, but you’d think “talk about and present a stance against” would fit in most people’s day to day understanding of the word.

I know that I probably have some naysayers chuckling at this, but you can’t tell me you wouldn’t find it bizarre in any other context.  Imagine someone walked into a Kentucky Fried Chicken and acted confused that they couldn’t buy orders of string cheese, rice pilaf, and/or sushi.  Oh, they have no PROBLEM with fried chicken of course…but they don’t understand why everyone seems so fixated on it.

It’s hilarious when it’s not absolutely maddening.

On a somewhat related note, I do understand there is a difference between what I have termed Metafolkism and White Supremacy.  If you’ll forgive the subtle pun however, both groups make me equally leary because most of their rhetorical water ends up being drawn from the same well.

When you try to say you are not a hate group, but so much of your material was written by hate groups?  You can’t really get confused when people respond with a lack of good faith.

On the to do list it to write an article about Sumble and having non-Heathens present at the event.

I’ve heard some people make the compairison between Sumble and Communion,  and explain that’s why they think one cannot attend a sumble in a meaningul manner unless one is Heathen themselves, but I think that is missing the point pretty hard.

There is no need for absolution in Heathenry, and our sacredness is not defined by any stance that even feigns recognition of concepts akin to original sin.  Communion is incompareable with Sumble because the rituals embrace radically different conceits.

It’s a more complicated topic then I can go into at the moment, and I need to do some research on Communion, but I’m looking forward to writing it.

The holidays are largely over, I have a decent phone with good internet service, I have a bluetooth keyboard, and life is calming down. Hopefully, this will make it easier for me to write on a regular basis again. Time will tell.

*Sometimes, all you have is your smile and your middle finger

7 thoughts on “Cerebral Junk Drawer

  1. caelesti says:

    Another problem is everyone seems to have their own pre-conceived idea of what ‘racism’ is, which they seem to assume everyone else shares. No folks the Society For the Defending the Honor of White Citizens is down the street…At the other end of the spectrum is people who assume everyone is on the same page re: knowledge of political/social justice terminology and get mad/offended/don’t know how to talk to people that aren’t in the same place. Someone is not a bad person because they have less education, have read fewer books, have lived most of their lives in small towns or suburbs that are mostly white. I think it is a far too disparate group of people, and it needs a tighter focus.

    • I’ve pondered that problem often, because it can be quite hard for those who are very educated on matter of inequality to even FATHOM how one can not see what is plainly in front of their face. I’ve tried to explain this, but I’ve gotten the impression that it doesn’t make any sense.

      It’s like we’re in the middle of a burning building, and I’m trying to explain how someone can rationally thing that we’re not ACTUALLY in a burning building but rather a gingerbread house filled with gumdrops. This is not helped by some people being rather conveniently ignorant in these regards…because it makes ignorance look more like an excuse rather then a transitional state.

    • Mostly, it’s just an issue of finding time to write. I can’t say I really went anywhere; I was still here, just caught up with a TON of other things. :-/

      • Lonnie Scott says:

        I know how you feel, Harrison. I’ve been busy building a new site, and writing for a Heathen anthology, all while juggling work, family, and getting time on the mats.

        I always enjoy your posts in HUAR too. I see your point on the people who say that about our posts. I would like to see more directly Heathen topics as well. That’s why I post them as I think of them. The group does great raising awareness of racism.

        Have you considered moving to a hosted site? How about a subscribe by email option?

        Good Yule to you as the tide rolls on!

  2. Doug Freyburger says:

    Tool – I tend to think the word means someone who studies hard per the usage by MIT students. So I’d pick a harsher word. Thanks for the hilarious report! The guy didn’t even know he could make soap from lamb or goat fat to be more ethnic? I got a bar of fancy sheep fat soap at Things Celtic and it was a nice bar of soap. Too authentic for a guy I would use a harsher word than tool on, chuckle.

    Race – We recently put an offer on a house. Before we started looking we told the real estate agent we would not tolerate a neighborhood that is not racially mixed. When we found houses we were interested in we cruised around talking to our prospective neighbors asking them about the neighborhood but also noticing the racial mix. Some may think my strategy counts as “Not In My Back Yard”, but NIMBY is what I can do so it’s what I actually do. I noticed there’s an American Legion post nearby. Maybe I’ll submit my application. It’s a bit more proactive on the topic.

    • I tend to remove some of the more…colorful elements of my vocabulary from my posts. Either the language is rooted in some mean spirited notions, or it’s just too over the top. I don’t want to take 5-10 minutes categorizing their foolishness when I could spend that time…well, doing just about ANYTHING else. 😉

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