On a Semi-Hiatus

Let’s cut to brass tack.

I have two kids, a new job that ties up almost all of my time for six days in a row.  Then, I have about seven and a half days to try and catch back up with my real life.  This is in addition to trying to get my credit in line to buy a house.  To the side of that, not to get too personal here, I’m currently in between health insurance providers which has caused some other issues as well.

Long story short…I want to write, but I’m burnt out on real life at the moment and…to be frank?  I’m a little burnt out as a writer as well.  Things have been getting rougher and rougher in the “blogosphere”, and I’ve had a harder and harder time sorting my thoughts on the matter.  So, I’m going to stop pressuring myself to do so and see if that helps the process.

I’m around…just…tending to “Hallheim” if you catch my meaning.  I’ll write when something hit…but for now, I’m working more on my life then on the digital page.