A Crisis of Faith and/or Social Justice

i1232986517_1One of the things I’ve had trouble with is deciding upon the tone of my blog. It’s probably been at the center of a lot of my writer’s block, and definitely been a certain creator of stress when it comes to what and how I write.

I care a lot about justice, equality, social responsibility. All the same, that’s not what I started this blog; originally it was just a big mash up of whatever I was thinking about at the time, slowly turning into a collection of worked filled with both my thoughts on spirituality and a lot of spelling errors. I gained a larger readership then I ever expected, which led to a personalized mandate to be worth the time of reading. So every time I end up talking about spirituality less in favor of social justice issues, I’m not completely comfortable with it.

Not, to make myself totally clear, because I’m afraid of the questions such discussions raise. I am no stranger to dialogue based turbulence, and I’m completely comfortable with that familiarity. I have my own personal gnosis regarding uncomfortable truths and how they intersect with veneration of Loki. To that end, letting a question go unresolved because the truth involved might rock a boat borders on sacrilege. Oh there is a time to make the point and a time to lay the groundwork, but just ignoring the situation and hoping it goes away is selfish, stupid, and just plain backwards to me.

I called Meta-genetics a personal gnosis at best because, sacred cow or not, that’s the truth of it; it’s not a science. I will be honest and tell you all that I agonized on how to write that text, but I did it because I was sure that it was important and I was sure that not addressing that problem would burn me far worse. It would bother me worse to just passively sit by while people used the presence of melanin as a way to judge someone’s spirituality. That was a Heathen matter close to my heart. I did it before, I’ll do it again. No shame. No issues.

Where my hesitation comes in is that I’m not certain what to say or do when the issues I see are only tangentially related to modern Heathenry or less. While the people who scornfully respond with “this isn’t a Heathen issue” can really go fornicate with their own dang selves*, I’m also not trying to stuff anything down anyone’s throat. I’m a spiritualist first, and I’ve tried to make my blog a reflection of that. I feel dishonest when I lead with social justice over Heathenry, because that was never my goal.

Let’s also not forget that the social justice community hardly needs another white, heterosexual, cisgendered male to tell people the way things work in this world. I am not ashamed of those aspects, just as I’m not ashamed of being right-handed or a baritone, but there are too many people listening to people like me talking about the inequality suffered by people who are nothing like me. I’d say that I have a knack for expressing social justice issues more often then not, but I prefer coming into help other people express themselves.

I like it when other people get the chance to use their own voice to talk about their problems, while I play goalie for them.

So, if there seems to be a lack of a “social justice content” at any point? That is somewhat purposeful. It does not imply I don’t care, have shifted my focus from that work, or because I’ve had a personal change in priorities. When the subject
is firmly in a Heathen wheelhouse and I feel I have something meaningful to say about it, I’ll say it.

I’m still trying to wrap my head around how the founder of the AFA could come out in support of PEGIDA**, and expect to be taken seriously when he gets offended over contentions of racism**.  I am absolutely dumbfounded how the Covenant of the Goddess could take an issue with the phrase “Black Lives Matter”, and not get why that’s insensitive at best and frog-chewing stupidity at the worst***.  They only thing that has kept me from weighing in on that stuff at length has just been my work schedule, parenting, and this nagging feeling that I’m not balancing things properly.

So allow me to throw that last one over board; when I have the time to speak…you’ll hear me.
*By the by, any person who has EVER venerated Tyr in a direct fashion and wants to say that over reaches over law enforcement upon any person is not a Heathen issue? That person might want to take some time to make a long term comparison between their ass and a hole in the ground before they pass judgements about what any person declares as a Heathen issue.

**Short Version: When an organization is blaming all of society’s ills on fragments of a single religion, and the founder of that organization cosplays as Hitler as “a joke”?  That’s a problem.  When they have signs at protests that beg Vladamir “Kill the Gays for Being” Putin to “save them”,  that’s another problem.  Comparisons that utilize Nazis are no longer hyperbolic and/or lazy; they’re apt and on point.  You just can’t tell me an organization’s aims are peaceful when their prayers are held at the altars of genocide.

***: Short Version: Yes, all lives are supposed to matter…but when POCs can be shot on flimsy, false, or non-existent pretenses by law enforcement figures who never suffer consequences for their actions?  That’s a problem.  They’re not saying “Black Lives Matter More Than Yours”…they’re saying “Black Lives Matter Just As Much As Yours And It Would Be Nice If American Society Started Acting Like They Got That.”  It’s not complicated.


6 thoughts on “A Crisis of Faith and/or Social Justice

  1. Doug Freyburger says:

    One of the Troth affiliated kindreds issued a statement and there was a huge blow up. The statement wasn’t that all lives matter. It was that the police are evil. That over reaches. Some random kindred can take that extra step but not a national umbrella organization. There are all sorts of sides to the cluster of issues, but is calling one side oppressors going to help at all?

    In Asatru there’s the lesson of the difference between opponents/allies and enemies/friends. Think of countries that fight against each other in wars then fight together in other wars. Think of classes that have rivalries when society is thriving then work together when society is in crisis. THAT is how we need to react.

    “Let peace begin with me”. Does that help if the issue is being depicted as evil oppressors against the good downtrodden? We need to work frith on every front. Get more people into integrated environments. Business, military, school. Get reporting on data to know when one incident is being blown out of proportion versus when one incident is an illustration of a pervasive pattern.

    Asatru has a history across authority issues, across vast migrations that triggered ethnic conflicts, across societies with rigid classes and no official classes. We have the perspective to be less polarized than those who drawn their lessons from other faiths. In the last several decades that polarization has declined steadily in our midst, but it has flare ups.

    How much of the current national uproar is a flare up within a greater trend of progress? That’s what I’ve seen my whole life. And that’s why I’m okay with a mild reaction. Because I’ve seen worse and better and I’ve seen the wider trend. There are regions where the trend has not arrived? Treat it as potentially contagious but most handle it the way we’ve been handling it for decades.

    • With the “all cops are evil” line….I’m of mixed opinion. I get how that can feel…but I’ve also seen some pretty hideous stuff that comes from individuals in law enforcement. That things don’t happen in a vacuum…and while the “blue line” has been mentioned a lot in the media as of late, it has existed long before that. Every police officer who looks away, excuses, or covers for the misconduct of another is, ethically, just as guilty of everything that cop has done…and WILL ever do from that point.

      Does that make every cop evil? Like I said…I’m on the fence about how I feel about that statement. What I will say is I totally get how someone could feel that way.

      As for reactions…there is a difference, in my mind, between a mild reaction and a bad one. CoG falls into the second group. A mild reaction would be “Our heart goes out to the families of ____. Senseless ______ from _____ is a serious issue, and it’s our hope that all parties can move towards progress.”. That’s a mild response. A bad one is where you misunderstand what a group stands for, misrepresent it in your responses, and then double down when you get called out on it.

      That’s what I feel CoG did…but your perspective may differ.

  2. bluehufsa says:

    “Let’s also not forget that the social justice community hardly needs another white, heterosexual” – excuse me, but what’s wrong with being hetero?

    • Nothing.

      I was trying to make a glib comment about how, while a lot of people have their hearts in the right place, they’re not the best people suited to highlighting where social issues go off the rails

      To that point…I think a person who has suffered prejudice for being homosexual is going to be the best person to talk about that issue. Am I going to be bad at it because I’m heterosexual? No…but I’m never going to have the familairity, comprehension, and knowledge of that issue the way someone who experiences it first hand will.

      There are enough second hand accounts out there; I feel that throwing more on the pile risks edging out some of the first hand accounts that are out there.

      That’s all I was talking about…sorry if some self-hatred was projected along the way.

      • bluehufsa says:

        What do you mean by second hand accounts? My account is not fake, if that’s what you imply.
        One thing, i don’t like to be bullied by Asatru,Vanatru or other people just because i’m hetero.
        Yes, you will ask “who the fck are you? ” , thats in your typical American arrogance.
        Forget i ever said anything, you won, you’re the best, i’m a hetero “abnormality”.
        Question: in your gay dream world, i am to be executed to set an example to any non-gay person? Or?

      • When I’m saying second hand accounts…I’m talking about an account of actions from the perspective of an OBSERVER rather than of a PARTICIPANT. I’m not suggesting that your WordPress identity is fake and why would you believe that I would?

        When I was talking about white, male, heterosexual, cisgendered perspectives…did you miss the point where I was talking about myself? Because I’m a white dude who likes his female wife, and I’ve always been identified as man both by society and by my own perspective.

        I’m a Heterosexual male…perfectly proud of it to. I just don’t think my observations on the stigmas that a Transexual and/or Homosexual person experiences are going to be as on point as when a Transexual and/or Homosexual person speaks for themselves.

        The fact that your turned that into “OMG do you want to kill me because I’m straight?!?” shows me…that you really need to READ the things people write before you react to them?

        But, just to make things clear…I’m strait and I’m not interested in executing people based on straightness. Glad we could clear that up. :/

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