White Pride, White Shame

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This one is going to be a serious one; buckle up. (I’ll try to be funnier next time)

There is a talking point that says being Anti-Racist is just a phrase to indicate that someone is, actually, Anti-White.  The conceit hidden within that statement is that White Pride must obviously be this super healthy thing to have.  It’s time we take this conceit head on, because there is a lot wrong with White Pride and how it functions in today’s society.  Usually, this is where someone opens up the connections with the Ku Klux Klan, Neo-Nazis, and other White Supremacists groups.  They talk about the evil, violence, and terrorism these groups have committed (and continue to commit) against others, and how these are bad things.  They are of course, bad things, but that’s pretty well trodden ground; at this point, you’re either on board with how history has recorded these groups or you have some pet conspiracy theory in order to explain why these groups are just hateful sacks of malevolence.

Let us, however, take up the road less traveled in regards to this dialogue.  When it comes to the damage that White Pride has done to other cultures and races, opinions are already firmly entrenched.  How many have asked truly hard pressing questions about how good White Pride is for White People themselves?  I have seen very few good, hard, looks at this central conceit, divorced from the question of whom it hurts within other communities.  Some will address it, but usually as an afterthought or a post script to some greater issue.

Let’s take a moment to change that, shall we?  I think there are some very troubling thoughts with White Pride, with extremely negative implications for the people upholding the belief themselves, so it is high time we give this issue some air.  After all, Heathenry has no shortage of adherents who are proud of their “White Heritage”, and will loudly and angrily contest being any other way in regards to the topic.   This is where we have to dig a bit because, if you are proud of your “White Heritage”, I have to point out that you are wearing a form of shame on your sleeve.

There is no Whiteania, Whiteany, or Whiteland…and therein lies the problem.  So many people commit to apologia over “being proud of their ancestry”, yet they perch that precarious pride under a homogenous mass that cares nothing for the infinite diversity in infinite combinations of European ancestry that they so lauded mere moments before.

It doesn’t work; it is a flawed perspective from it’s very core.

European pride is a phrase that is…well, it is better….but it still suffers from that same homogenization of the infinitely separate.  It also makes no damn sense.  When France does something awesome, you can better be sure that Britain, Spain, Germany, Italy, and Sweden…probably don’t give much of a damn.  The favor, I suspect, is returned.  Europe, despite what some modern day pride-mongers would like to assert, is not “as One”.  It has never been one!  There have been hundreds of years of wars dotting every decade of European history, except those periods of time where they needed to stop killing each other so they could get back to making food and babies before they starved and depopulated themselves into oblivion.

For the sake of the Gods it’s not even one in a geographical sense!  The British Isles, as the name suggests, are islands.  You know, those things which are separate land masses by definition?  Sarcasm aside, it’s just another reason that this entire line of thinking is completely without substance or structure; anyone who wants to tell you that European pride is a thing is either trying to sell you something or has already been sold.

I am against White Pride, and I am thoroughly Anti-White…because I love my ancestors.  I have no hatred for my origins.  Quote the opposite, honestly.  I love my German heritage, and I love my Polish heritage, and I love my British Isles heritage…and whatever has been missed by record keepers?  I love that too.  I don’t love them because they are white, but because they are legitimately amazing irregardless of some superficial features.  I love my grandfather, the craftsmen and World War II veteran.   I love my grandmother who was a nurse, and her mother before her that taught loving kindness and acceptance even in the lowest lows of the depression.  I love my Great-Grandfather Sylvester, and my Great-Granduncle Ambrose…either/both of whom may have been spiritual workers themselves.  I love them, and all that came before them…even though I might not know the names or the deeds.

They aren’t worthy of that adoration because they’re white…and every time someone talks about being “proud of their White Ancestors”, they are putting a toxic and acidic graffiti on their heritage.  Suddenly the details that make our fore-bearers great are white washed (pun intended) into a hazy stew of bland uniformity.

Annoy A Liberal

You can’t possibly be annoying me enough with this nonsense to cover for the amount of damage you have to do to your own self esteem…

As I’ve been pondering this, I’ve been thinking of stories of my friends who talked about their European Grandfathers and Grandmothers….who tried not to speak their native languages, and tried not to teach the next generation as much about the land they were born in.  Why?  It, usually, is the same reason; cultural pressures to fit in with the dominant, American, culture.  White culture.  How many myths, practices, and traditions were sandblasted into dust by this “Whiteness”?   How many linguistic idiosyncrasies, ancestral triumphs, and familial holidays were lost forever because of “Whiteness”?  Because of this uniforming beast which demanded so much and gave nothing in return.

Too many.  I am not proud of that monster, and I will not celebrate my honored dead in it’s name.

Folkists are gonna read this and be pissed; good.  Think about what makes you angry.  Ask yourselves some damn hard questions, because I want you to explain to yourself how you can be proud of your ancestors for the color of their skin before you are proud of them as people.  There is little good that can be said for your self-esteem and self-worth when Whiteness is the preface to all other things, indicating that your identity is based on nothing you could have controlled, nothing you’ve ever done, and nothing that has any true meaning in any objective sense.

There are plenty of external racist connections of course; I have YET to see a group that loudly “celebrates” White Pride who also doesn’t engage in copious amounts of “criticism” in regards to People of Color.  You see, all that “I’m not a racist” talk is just bullshit the moment you have to shove that damnable “but” in as part of the preface.  It is never a disclaimer, but an alibi…one only accepted by others who deal in the same illogical refuse.  However…before we get into how nasty, vile, and hateful all of that stuff is, you need to realized that you are being vile and hateful against yourself first and foremost.  Your ancestry should matter to you regardless of the pigmentation of it’s members.

If anything I’ve said here bothers you…then you’ve only shown your own doubts.  No one who truly believes the philosophy is going to be shaken by my words here; they have found their truth and they are riding it as we speak.  If you are angry, however, it can only be because I’ve shaken your resolve some how.

Why do you think that is?

6 thoughts on “White Pride, White Shame

  1. Amanda says:

    Good post! I do wish folks talked some more about how racism hurts white people (not as much as it hurts non-white people, but it does). And this is one way that it does. It actually strips us of our heritage and turns us into this “blank”, default sort of people, like a white sheet of paper.

    I think that the revival of European paganism is one way white people are trying to reclaim our heritage, but turning that into “white pride” is not the way to do it.

    It reminds me of how people who today we would consider to be “white people” were discriminated against when they immigrated to the United States. They sure weren’t considered “fellow white people” back then. The Irish is the example a lot of people use, but here in Texas, the Texas Germans didn’t get along with the Anglo-Texans (even turning to violence at the Nueces massacre), and were on much friendlier terms with the Comanche, signing the only treaty between European settlers and a Native American tribe that was never broken.

    One time when I told someone about that, they replied, “How strange! Germans are usually racists.” Now there’s some real anti-white racism, but it was said by a white person. All this stuff happened 100 years before the Nazis existed, but because of the Nazis, people think Germans are naturally racists.

    The concept of “white people” didn’t exist in the mid-1800’s. There were Germans and Anglos and Comanches and they all considered each other separate tribes. If it didn’t exist then, it sure didn’t exist back in pre-Christian times.

  2. Doug Freyburger says:

    The first racism I ever encountered in my life was anti-white racism by blacks at one of my military assignments. I didn’t get it at the time because I hadn’t yet gotten the point that it doesn’t matter in the least what race you are, racism is a behavior independent of that.

    The odd thing is that the concept of white exists at all. One of my old friends Dr Sampson is from Somalia. He was Somali-American or unhyphated-American depending on context. As he knew his heritage he had no need to be “black”. He taught me that “black” was the result of Americans who had had their heritage deleted by force.

    I know where 8 of my 8 great-grandparents are from, so I don’t need to be “white”. To me the word is just an abbreviation for my tree of ancestors from assorted points in Europe, where I know where those branches were. There are times I don’t like using that short hand because it has the problems made clear here.

    A parallel with politics – You aren’t qualified to make political judgments until you can rattle off problems with Presidents of your party and achievements of Presidents of the other party. Until you can do that you’re too biased. I suggest a parallel with pride. You aren’t qualified to make statements about ethnic pride until you can brag on the achievements of other ethnic groups and rag on the history of your own. Even then it’s smarter to not do it.

  3. I’m folkish and…I actually like this. I think you could have said it a bit clearer, but your central point is one I (and I think many folkish) have been arguing for a long time. We are different peoples, and everyone who talks about white pride (or white privilege) literally whitewashes thousands of years of history, culture, suffering, and victories by millions of people.

    Which is one of the reason so many anti-racists get called anti-white (because some of them are incredibly racist) is because they refuse to acknowledge the many histories nature of European peoples and immigrants.

    So thank you for making this post and point.

  4. Eve says:

    I live in England, where the race problem is far less of an issue. I’ve never heard of the idea of ‘European pride’ before, and I have to tell you that it’s a weird one for me! Even in our small country, many people consider themselves just Scottish, Welsh or Cornish – with their regional flag and everything. They’re really proud of their unique heritages – sometimes in an irritating and prejudiced way, but often not. My friend even insists on calling herself ‘mixed race’ because she is Welsh and English (though I think she’s pretty much alone with that one!). My wife will say she’s ‘part Irish’, and I would probably say I’m ‘British’. I don’t know anyone at all who would say they are European, though I suppose we are. Most of us would resist any attempts to ‘Europeanise’ our different cultures, so we would probably just be annoyed by European pride. We are all far too different to each other. We don’t even share a language!

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