Credit Where It’s Due


Less Freikorp; More Fried Food

As I continue to watch the ripples expand outward over the Freikorp debacle (I’m waiting for someone to call it “Freigate”, or something equally ‘inspired’), some interesting things have been coming to the surface.  One of the more interesting, to me, was someone pointing out whom actually started the rallying cry to hold McNallen accountable in the first place and that they didn’t get enough credit for doing so.

So let’s fix that.

I don’t listen to Heathen Talk much at all, nor do I know the people over there.  I don’t know there take on things, how much I would agree or disagree with them, or anything else.  I’ve seen some indications that, collectively, I would disagree with them on a number of issues though none of the would be deal breakers.  Regardless, what I can say with certainty is that one of the people over there, Josh, brought attention to this problem before anyone else, and he took the hits for the expression of his opinion harder then anyone else.

So credit where credit is due; thanks for being the first one to call foul and to ask people be held accountable for their words when it comes to this issue.  If you end up reading this, Josh, just know that I’m thankful that you had something to say because it helped us all become aware of something that desperately needed to be called out.  Muckraking is an unpleasant, heavy burden…but one that’s desperately needed.

Well done.  Hope we (both Josh specifically and Heathen Talk collectively) get a chance to chat at some point.


One thought on “Credit Where It’s Due

  1. thelettuceman says:


    I’m one of the behind-the-scenes guys from Heathen Talk (Producer and overall question courier for the show when we go live), and I want to say that we appreciate the credit. The initial blows were…disgusting, to say the least. I know Josh appreciates it. He didn’t really expect it to get as much attention as it did and it was a pretty hectic week or so before Ryan Smith took the brunt of the momentum/attention.

    If you have any questions about us, about our show, or anything else, please, don’t hesitate to reach out to me. We’re always available.

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