What in the What?!

Well, this is a thing.


Yup….this is…definitely….a thing.   I guess?

A few things to whomever made this…ahem…piece of media.*

1) This is the most incoherent, mess of nonsense I’ve seen in a long time.  By ranking, it is somewhere between Wilton’s Loki book and Ken Hamm’s debate with Bill Nye.  I mean just look at it!  Blum is on there?  What, are you trying to warn Folkist Heathens against buying crappy set of runes from Waldenbooks in 1996?  Did you add Neil Gaiman in some half-assed attempt to SEO optimize this sucker?  What stopped you from posting the writer to “The Mighty Thor”‘s script?  Seriously, what am I even looking at?

2) How did I even make that list in the first place?  I’ve posted articles here eight times in the last two years.  I mean, yes, over the years I have had a good run with some solid ideas and content that I couldn’t give a quality proof read to if my life depended on it…but most of that was over two years ago.  Hell, if McNallen hadn’t gaffed so horrifcally over free-lance, militia Nazis in history?  I think I would have had two less articles to write.  Granted…none of my material has gone anywhere, but if you’re bringing me up at this point?  Then…well, that says a lot more about you then it does about me.


Okay, I’ve made a few memes too…but does anyone besides me actually care about these things?

Seriously; if me posting on average of three times a solar cycle is this much of a problem for you?  That’s….really sad.

3) I don’t know what the point of this whole shebang was…but thanks for the extra web traffic and the inspiration to write something here.  Something tells me this was the exact opposite of your goal, but long term planning isn’t probably your strong suit anyway.

In other news, I have a Tumblr and that Tumblr has the ask me anything feature enabled.  If you have questions about anything pertaining to just about anything, feel free to ask them.

In the mean time, hope I see you all again before another pair of seasons pass.

*Of course, I am only speaking for myself; there are 9 other people up there whom all might have their own reactions to this.  From those I’ve encountered, most reactions are somewhere between “baffled” and “apathetically amused”.