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Attending the PLC this year wasn’t even an option for me, due to a number of factors…but I am happy to see that it came and to begging and did (from everything I’ve heard) very well.

If you too found of interest, you may also find this information worth looking at. I’m sad to see it postponed, but I have this feeling the extra time will end up being put to good use!

Looking forward to a point where attending will be both viable and reasonable me!


Six Days Left for the Heathens United Benefit for the Victims of Kansas City

Click the logo to be taken to the fundraiser.

Click the logo to be taken to the fundraiser.

At time of writing, we are just shy of 80% of our original goal of five-thousand dollars.  While those of us behind this fundraiser received some words of scorn and contempt from a select few, the community’s response was almost entirely positive and solidly on the same page.  Collectively, we condemned those that would murder in the name of their pettiness and their hatred, we reminded ourselves about the truth honor of Heathen spirituality, and we put politics aside in the name of respect and frith towards the families of those who were struck down.

There is nothing wrong with what we have done thus far, but I would love to see us finish what we started and complete our original goal.  Not in the name of Heathens United, nor in the name of any national organization.  Not in the name of a particular branch of philosophy or theology.  I would love to see us come together, collectively, and do something that needs to be done simply because it needed to be done.  In the name of Heathenry as each of us identifies it, our ancestors as we know them, and our communities as we celebrate them.

As I finished this request for additional support, I donated myself.  I do not have much, but I can do without ten dollars worth of stuff to show those that grieve that their losses are respected, remembered, and honored.  That those were killed were not forgotten with the changing of the news cycle and the next “big murderer”.  A thousand dollars, dispersed amongst this community, is not nearly as great an amount as it seems.  What this community can show with that gesture, however, is something that goes beyond my ability to describe.

If you can give, please do so.  If you can’t give, at least spread the word.  Either way you are building a legacy of action that your descendants will remember and toast to long after you’ve passed on.  No one will remember us for how much we bickered and argued…but they will recall our generosity, our courage, and our honor.

Thank you for your time.  Walk with your ancestors, and hail the Gods.

Sad News For Nova Scotia Pagans.

Anyone out in the Nova Scotia way of Canada know someone who wants to open a Pagan Shop? If you do, hopefully you are reading this so you can pass the word to said person!

Before Change, Comes Chaos.

Little Mysteries, a pagan shop in down town Halifax is looking for a buyer. They don’t want to close their doors to the community they have served for 19 years. Welcoming everyone, regardless of spiritual path, into their doors and providing education and enrichment in the pagan ways.

I guess, according to their link here: their time frame has been significantly reduced.

So if you read that, and are able to help by stepping up, it would be wonderful. Pagans here in Nova Scotia have so very little resources available, and very few establishments like Little Mysteries to help with their paths.

Nova Scotia, and the Canadian Maritime provinces are deeply Christian conservative. We are the Bible Belt of Canada, so when any of these shops close, it is a huge blow to the pagans of this region.

Please help! If anyone has any ideas in how we can…

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Meanwhile, over at Witches and Pagans…

I  wrote an article over at Witches and Pagan that I would like everyone to read.  Two-Way Bifrost exists as an entity to promote ways and methods by which various flavors of Pagans and Polytheists can get along better.  I also make my religious views on subjects within Heathenry well known here.  This was one of those articles that would fit in with either of these blogs, and I chose to put it over at W&P (as opposed to WP, I guess) in order to give it a little more traffic.  It’s a topic that deserves some traffic.

The group, Heathens United Against Racism, is doing an event you see; a global Nidstang against the attempts of racists to co-op the various Heathen faiths.  The found of the group asked those of us with blogs to write on the subject, and so I did.  I encourage everyone to go to take a look over there.

On Faith and Community Politics

“I want to be a force for unity and mutual respect among pagans of all kinds, even if we can never agree on everything. I want to build frith, not just with other Norse/Germanic types, but with people from other traditions, people whose practice varies wildly from mine. I even want to do that in an ecumenical sense, which includes non-believers; two of my closest friends and several more beside are atheists, and I don’t feel that my devotion is compromised by associating with them, or that it’s my job to make them respect my gods. It’s harder, actually, for me to be open-minded about monism, despite having once been a monist myself. It requires trust and faith, which as I’ve said, are difficult for me to manage. But I believe it’s worth it.”

That statement, in particular, really resonated with me; it echoed my own sentiments in better words than I am likely to have found myself. The entire article is filled with gold and gems, however, and it comes with an extremely high recommendation.