Worse than Breasts and Melanin

While I was out of the loop, trying to recenter myself*, Marvel comics did something that turned certain segments of the Heathen world on their head; they made “The Mighty Thor” a women.  This is apparently a bad thing for Heathenry because…uh…breasts?  I guess?  In all seriousness, I saw a handful of Heathens loose their minds over a comic book that has a female character named Thor…and…wow.  Just…wow.


Thor as an amphibian; your misogynistic argument is invalid.

Let’s be clear here: 99.9% of the people upset about this, in the Heathen community at least, are reacting not to the spiritual implications of this but to their own misogynistic worldview and/or their fundamentalism.  This is quite similar to the controversy that rose up over Idris Elba playing Hemidall; it too was only made up of bigotry and ignorance.  Nothing more or less.

Let’s take a brief look at some of the plotlines that have been far stranger and more bizarre than Mjornir being paired with a set of D-Cups.  The one most people have brought up is the time that Thor was turned into anthropomorphic frog, which makes it weird that people seem to feel that being a woman is worse than not even being human.  Next there is Beta Ray Bill, the equine alien who was given a version of Mjonir after he bested Thor in brawl.  There is the alternate reality of Earth X where Odin turned Thor into a woman to teach him humility, making this not even the first time there was a female Thor in a print comic book.  We also have a team of multiple Thors from multiple time lines, brought together by Zarkko the Man of Tommorrow, called the “Thor Corps“**.  Lastly on our quick tour of crazy comic book plots, there is Throg,: a human football played cursed to the shape of a frog and eventually given his own version of Mjonir (Frognoljir, no I am not kidding), who serves as a member of the “Pet Avengers“.  They all sound like fever dreams, yet they’re all a part of comic book canon.

“The Mighty Thor” is only loosely based on Norse mythology, at best, and it’s been that way since August of 1962.  What we know modern Heathenry to be has only existed since the the 1970s, meaning that some of these ridiculous plot lines were kicking around over a decade before modern Heathenry even came into beaning.  Beta Ray Bill has been a part of comic book lore since November of 1983.  Yet, inspite of those thirty-one years, it hasn’t us impeded us in any way.  Hell, it’s older than a lot of the Heathens complaining about it!

Before anyone points it out, I’m aware there are people on Tumblr who take the comic books too seriously.  I’m sorry, but I don’t think that matters at all.  There are also people, offline and online, who swear the airplanes deposit mind control chemicals into the air…and I’ve noticed that their beliefs haven’t changed how airplanes and/or aerodynamics work.  The fact is that comic book Thor doesn’t have a meaningful impact on our religion, regardless of whether anyone on Tumblr develops some sort of wonky gnosis over the material written about him.  Or her, for that matter.

The people uncomfortable with this are sexist and/or dangerously afflicted with the madness that is fundamentalism.  That may seem to be a bit of a pejorative leap, but I’ve thought about this long and hard and I’ve come to an unavoidable conclusion on the matter: simply put, if Marvel Comics is to be judged negatively for their departure from the lore of our spiritual ancestors, there is one thing they’ve done that is a greater crime against the lore than female Thor or black Heimdall.

That crime is the portrayal of Odin by Anthony Hopkins in Thor(2011).  Please tell me why everyone who bristles at gender swaps and skin tone hasn’t torn into the interpretation of Odin depicted within that film.  Put it under any level of similar scrutiny and it becomes cringe worthy.

In this movie, we see the God of War, Magic, Frenzy, and Passion demanding to uphold a peace treaty when it makes no sense to do so; he even punishes his son for returning aggression that was (to the best of his knowledge) never instigated by his people.  Later on, he is so devastated by having to punish Thor and reveal to Loki that he’s adopted (?!)  that the stress forces him to take a freaking nap for two days.  Also he didn’t loose his eye for wisdom in the movie; he lost it in a battle that his side was winning, but then refused to finish.  Also Loki isn’t his sworn-brother, but is an adopted war orphan instead.  Thor is banished…for killing Frost Giants, which is now bad for some reason.  He even strips Thor of his hammer and his powers…because the plot needs for him to be able to do that.

The entire movie depicts Odin as an all-powerful, all-knowing being of immeasurable capacity…who does nothing but hem and haw over everything he does. We see the leader of the Aesir, one of the greatest figures in Norse myth, reduced into little more than a contrived solution to the dilemma of the movie…when the entire plot was contrived into being by his stupid decisions in the first place.

The Allfather depicted in the Eddas would take that “Odin” and break him in half.  Quite possibly he would then animate his corpse and order it to bludgeon the script writers until they produced something better.  In the lore, he killed, maimed, and destroyed anything that stood in the way of his people and their well-being; there was no “wait and see” attitude.  The idea of making “peace treaties” with enemies that would obviously turn on you the moment you looked away is not something this God would even consider.  If you are bothered by the deviations from the lore created by Thor with a vagina and Heimdall with melanin, than you should be frothing mad at this namby pamby excuse for a depiction of the Allfather.

Yet, scarcely a peep is heard about this wimpy and milquetoast bastardization.  There was a faint grumbling from a few scholars I knew, but that was it.  All of these people making gender and race based complaints, many identifying as “Odinists” by the way, didn’t pay attention as the God whose name they claim as their own was shown to be passive, weak-willed, and almost cowardly.  They missed that their namesake was presented as some bearded, all-knowing father figure that looks more at home in the Christian New Testament then in the Eddas.

Women have been cosplay as gender-bent versions of Thor for years.  Heathens know this, because they show up on their Tumblrs and Facebook Feeds all the time.  So

Women have been cosplaying a gender-bent Thor for years. Plenty of Heathens know this, because pictures of them show up in Heathen Faceboook groups and Tumblrs all the time…usually with some very suggestive compliments.  Did they have a problem when hot blonds were hanging around in metal bras and flimsy skirts, striking sultry poses?  Doesn’t seem like it.  How is it only a perversion of our lore when it becomes representative of the official, but fictional, narrative…but until then it’s just harmless eye candy?  If that isn’t misogyny, I’m not quite sure what is.

Give Thor different chromosomes, and suddenly you’re shitting on the Eddas***.  Make Heimdall black, and you’re a coward who is caving in to the pressures of the “monoculture”.  Never mind that Thor is a comic book character, and that this isn’t even the first time he has been deprived of his hammer and two golden apples.  Never mind that Idris Elba personified a proud warrior and tireless guardian every single second he was on screen.  Nope, those two things are still horrific insults to our religion.

Make Odin look a weak and frail coward, and a bunch of strong, proud, Folkist Heathens don’t seem to give a damn…because, hey…it may be a complete bastardization of the greatest of our Gods, but it’s a complete and utter bastardization played by a white dude.  There are people who can ignore all the times Thor was a frog or that a copy of his hammer was given to horse headed aliens because, hey, it may have nothing to do with any of the lore but there is no reason to get upset as long as they horse and the frog both have dicks and aren’t black.

If there is another way to see this, I can’t find it.  The only time anyone gives a crap is when stuff involves women or not-white people; then it’s an affront to these people and their religion.  Change Thor’s species, however, and no one cares because it’s a comic book.

While we are on that subject, did we forget that this is a comic book?!  Imagine if DC came out with a comic called the “The Super Savior Jesus”, where Jesus Christ was depicted as a member of the Green Lantern Corp or whatever.  You’d be able to hear the gnashing of teeth within the bible belt from space, and the Heathen community…we would laugh ourselves sick over their outrage.  I know this, because we already laugh at their extremest claptrap.  The Heathen community, almost in it’s entirety, constantly extends a big middle finger to the Westboro Baptists and their peers.  We think it’s ridiculous that they act as they act, preach as they preach, and condemn what they condemn.  We see this behavior, and we treat them as little better than circus clowns.

Then Thor gets a literal breastplate, and suddenly a huge chunk of us are in the big top right along side of them.

There are a handful of criticisms that are fair…and in every case, it’s when the criticizer is talking about the comic book as a comic book exclusively.  If you want to call it lazy story-writing, I’m okay with that; most comic book writing has been a form of highly polished, lazy world building for quite some time.  If you dismiss it as an attempt to sell comics, I’m okay with that too.  The moment you cross the line from “that’s a stupid comic book plot” to “this offends my religious beliefs in some way”, you’re in a very bad place.  If you’re reacting this strongly to a piece of fiction blacking up and femming up some characters with tenuous connections to your religious mythology, the problem isn’t with Stan Lee, Jack Kirby, Idris Elba, Marvel Comics, or anyone else.  The problem resides exclusively with you.

Throg and Beta Ray Bill even have collectable busts...which you purchase right along side the totally has nothing to do with divine Thor, Marvel-Thor.

Throg and Beta Ray Bill even have collectable busts…which you purchase right along side the blond headed alien who is supposedly a representation of the red-headed Aesir.  Collect the whole set!

At that point, it’s not about heritage, about coming home, or about any of that feel good rhetoric.  What you’re prattling about at that point is nothing less than unadulterated bigotry; what else can it be when your God with boobs bothers you more then your God as a sub-human frog?  The literal symbol of our faith is given to an extra-planetary horse-person and these same lore-berserkers don’t even bat an eye.  The comparisons are numerous, and none of them are kind to those who wield this type of situational outrage.  The best I can say for someone who thinks this way is that maybe, just maybe, there is a chance they are just an idiot instead of an idiot and a horrible bigot.

If you’re coming up with an explanation for why this isn’t just a waste of time and/or proof of your own racist, misogynistic foolishness, save it for Hopkins; the Odin of Northern Europe wouldn’t give a damn about your feeble excuses.

EDIT 7/26/2014: The post had to be edited due to an unacceptable amount of errors!  I apologize for the premature publishing, and thank those who brought it to my attention!  I don’t proofread well when I’m irritated… >.>

*More on that later.  The short version for now is that my tank was on empty, and I refilled it by focusing on stuff that wasn’t the community.
** Beta Ray Bill shows up again as a member of the Thor Crops.  Said horse-headed alien called the group the “Hammer Brothers”.  So, not only do we have an entire team of Thors, moving the Thunderer from the realm of unique and mighty being into something you can stick in a copying machine crossed with a Tardis, but they added in a reference to Super Mario Brothers.  Shine on, you crazy Marvel.
***I actually saw someone write this; that Marvel was “shitting on the Eddas”.  So apparently the last fifty plus years of writing stories about how Thor wasn’t a God, but rather that he and the entire pantheon were actually aliens that our spiritual ancestors thought were Gods is somehow completely okay and respectful.   All of that, plus an underwire bra and a tampon….then you’ve gone to far!  Are you kidding me?


Sorry to Disappoint, but There is No Conspiracy

Well, at least it's not  about jet trails...

Well, at least it’s not
about jet trails…

The events surrounding the victims in Kansas City* have yielded a lot of interesting perspectives and revelations within the Heathen community.  Some of us have banded together to display the true depth and content of the Heathen spirit, and have attempt to show those effected our compassion and support.  Some out there have chosen to play the victims in all of this and cast the various effort to work against racism as some sort of betrayal.  It speaks of the nature of such people that, less then a week after the crime was committed, they were out there trying to portray themselves as the victim in all of this.  Gods only know how that works, considering that they weren’t the ones with an aspiring mass murder firing off rounds in their backyards, but we can only play the cards we’re dealt I guess.

I’d link to examples of such paranoia, but I don’t want to give that sort of nonsense any traffic.  The short version is that some of us are reaching out to various organizations (such as the Southern Poverty Law Center) and are trying to explain the differences between racist and non-racist Heathenry, and some people view this as some sort of treacherous effort to attack Folkism, Conservative Heathen Values, and a host of other imagined targets.  The reasons for these presumptions are left unspoken, which is a pretty good sign that it’s entirely made up.  Still, to quote Terry Pratchett, a lie can get around the world before the truth can get its boots on.

So let’s just cut to the chase here: no one is going on a witch hunt, turning in names, or anything like that.  Claims to the contrary are either fabrications or baseless rumors exclusively.  Even if we were, it’s not like you guys are trying to hide.  On that note…

Protip: If you are a white supremacist, racist, bigot worried about being turned in for something related to your hideous racism…maybe you shouldn’t post pro-racist nonsense on the most populated social networking websites in the  world! 

White Nationalism Snapshot

I guess all the people who post this nonsense are worried about the SPLC…while, at the same time, pretending that they don’t have the internet…

Seriously, all the people making up stories about the Universalist Thought Gestapo(c) are the same people with Facebook profiles that outright state everything they are worried about being turned in for.  Even if we were handing names over to some third party, the information we can get is the exact same information that everyone in the first world can find with a fucking Google search.  Some of these people and groups have their own freaking Wikipedia pages and publishing companies!  They have Twitter accounts where they write hateful messages of 144 character or less,  Tumblrs where they post racists memes, but somehow there is a fear that a third party is going to going to expose them in a way that they haven’t already done themselves**.

Imagine a drug dealer who has a Twitter profile named @ISellCocaineOn23rdandWashington.   He posts his prices on tumblr, and puts up photographed records of his favorite drug sales on Facebook.  His likes are filled with the names of famous drug dealers and street drugs, all of his favorite books are  about making drugs, and all of his favorite movies are documentaries about how to evade law enforcement agencies.  Now imagine this hypothetical drug dealer is paranoid about a DEA drug bust, even as he turns all of the incriminating information at his disposal into a matter of internet record on a daily basis.  The most amusing thing about this metaphor is where it doesn’t work; what @ISellCocaineOn23rdandWashington is doing is obviously and clearly illegal, whereas racism is protected by free speech.  The people I’m talking about are worried that they will be turned in for crimes that don’t even exist, yet they make the information that would condemn them of these non-existent crimes publicly available.

There is a reason that a lot of us have been laughing our asses off lately; the concerns of these people aren’t based in reality.  Even if the efforts to “turn them in” actually existed, there would be no where to turn them in to.  Seriously, calm the hell down; no one is coming for you.  Though, let me tell you, it gives me the giggles that there are whole lot of racists, bigots, and fascists scared that someone is going to come after them.  That’s like wolves worried about a sheep in wolves’ clothing.  It’s the kind of obscene hilarity that usually never escaped entities like The Far Side.  I mean, I know the truth is stranger than fiction, but I never expected it to be stranger than satire and parody!

You don't need to make the hats today, ladies and gentlemen; save the foil for your baked potatoes.

You don’t need to make the hats today, ladies and gentlemen; save the foil for your baked potatoes.

In either case, the idea of such a conspiracy to secretly hunt down suspected racists is pretty ridiculous.  Anyone who is actually worried about it either hasn’t truly thought it through*** or knows that it’s bullshit but has an investment in crafting a racist rallying point.  It couldn’t happen, even if we wanted it to do it, and anyone who tells you otherwise is either mentally sick, doesn’t understand what is going on, or is trying to sell you something.

*The English language is pretty much designed to focus on the attacker (active role) more than the one attacked (passive role)  Still I think that, when we refer to this incident, we should be focused on the circumstances of those in grief and mourning rather than the consequences justly incurred by the perpetrator.
**While I usually like to provide proof for my sentiments, you’ll have to Google these monsters yourself; I don’t want to give them the traffic and I certainly don’t want a link extending between my blog and their madness.  All I know is, with five minutes of searching, I found David Duke’s twitter.  His was the first name I entered, and the name was chosen more or less at random.  I entered bigoted terms into Tumblr and found dozens of profiles.  No one is suppressing the free speech of racists; if someone is attempting to do that, they’re doing a miserable job of it.
***If you have heard rumors about the anti-racists working to craft some sort of Folkish aimed witch hunt and are worried about things, you can stand down and relax.  I don’t know of anyone attempting such a thing, and neither do I want to.  If someone IS out there attempting to build a conspiracy like that…than they’re just as crazy and misguided as the bigots trying to create a boogyman out of their own nightmares and fever dreams.

The Rage: Fools of Engagement

I have been on the internet for an excessively long time.  I am thirty-two at the time of writing, and a greater part of my teenage years were spent on a nascent, barely formed internet.  The time before that was spent on the world wide web’s humble predecessor, the BBS or Bulletin Board System.  That’s right; I’ve been at this long enough to nostalgically remember a time where connecting to the internet meant listening to my computer try to speak like an auto-tuned dolphin every time it wanted to interact with a phone line and where tablet PCs were still props on Star Trek.

Comic comes from the brilliant work of (Author Name) at XKCD.com.

A situation my wife ends up dealing with more often than I’d like to admit.  (From the brilliance that is Randall Monroe of XKCD.com.)

In this time I’ve had my fair share of shouting and name calling, though I’ve actually tried to avoided more of it  than I’ve ever contributed to.  You see, digital arguments usually come down to one single thing; people aren’t looking to gain new perspectives, but to tell you how wrong you are.  In a vast majority of “conversations”, where people come to the internet to scream at each other and make aspersions on their parentage and sexuality, I just can’t opt out quickly enough.  This becomes especially true of people “discussing” religion on line.  I had the misfortune of putting together a lot of my understandings of religion, philosophy, and basic human nature on the horrid cesspool that was (and probably still is) Gaia Online’s Extendend Disscussion forum.

Morality and Religion was one of the sub forums there and I saw shit no one should have to see.  Take every bad stereo type of internet discussions, add all of the wonderful language and terminology of XBox Live, throw in the standard amount of philosophical entitlement that comes with every religious discussion, and than make 60% of the people involved 17 years old or younger that are basically just parroting a half-baked version of their parent’s beliefs.  There are moments when the term “cluster fuck” just doesn’t do a situation any justice.

As a result, I’m naturally inclined to let arguments pass me by unless there are some elements of decorum involved.  I’ll hold my ground if such a person comes swinging through, but I’ve got better things to do than to go out and proactively look for windmills to joust with.  I save my talking for places and people who do just as much listening as speaking.  Surprisingly, I’ve found a few Heathen groups on Facebook (of all places) where conversational etiquette is observed and that’s where a lot of my discussions and debates ocur.  I’ve joined the forums for “Polytheism Without Borders” (and you should too!), but I haven’t been in a place where I can engage with that forum in a meaningful way; babies, it turns out, require a lot of time.  Who knew?

In discussions I have both participated and opened, and even some I wouldn’t normally touch with a twenty foot pole, I’ve begun to see a very silly and idiotic mentality show up.  It’s a very egotistical, hubiristic sort of talking point…one which I have found myself loathing intently.  I’m talking about statements such as “Ugh!  Why are we still talking about “X”.  and  “I am so tired of seeing people talk about this!  Get over it!”.

Social media is a powerful, and amazing tool.  While most people just use it to find pictures of cats doing wacky things, you can also use it as a powerful conduit to communication and knowledge.  You can make connections, network, and research things in extremely effective ways.  What you can also do is use it to filter out stuff you have no interest in.  Seriously, you get to pay attention to or ignore what ever you choose.  Social media allows you to craft your internet experience to your own design, and the agency that is at one’s finger tips is staggering.

I use this power.  When I see an argument that I find banal or redundant, I use the powers at my command to ignore it.  Sometime I just opt not to read it.  Other times, I use my amazing and arcane magic of “click on the little tab thingie” to make it disappear from view.  In other words, I simply act like an adult, I do not engage in dialog I am not interested in.  If I have constructive criticism or something similar which may add something to the dialogue for all those involved, I have no issue in adding it; that’s the point of intellectual conversation.

If instead I have the temptation to whine more than my six year old when she is subjected to the ignominy of green beans, I keep that to myself.  I make it my job to shut up, mind my own business, and find something I do want to talk about or look at.  You see, no one is going to give a damn if I am tired of a discussion or not.  As in the world of flesh and blood, I have the responsibility to take myself out of situations that do not interest me.  On the internet, this duty is absolutely legion; you have a greater capacity to seek out knowledge and experience  than has ever existed on the planet Earth.  If you cannot find something that you consider engaging, you have no one but yourself to blame.  If you don’t like a discussion, find one you do like.  It’s really just that simple

No one thinks of you, or anyone else, as a conversational Caesar; we do not wait with bated breath for someone to raise or lower their thumb in the direction of  our discussions so that we might know of their blessings and condemnations.  When someone comes into a existing discussion, and gripes and complains about how they don’t want to listen to this, they come off (to me) as whiny, ignorant, and lazy.  Their options were and still remain limitless in what they can be doing at that moment, yet they’ve decided to gripe about the first thing that they found that they didn’t like.

I wouldn’t be  bothered if they actually were saying their opinion on the subject so long as it was something constructive.  Hell, I want to hear constructive dissent!  I want to learn about the things I don’t understand and view points I may not have considered.  I absolutely loathe metagentics, but I would jump at the chance to talk to Mr. McNallen one on one about it; Is there any way I could better understand his thinking than to hear if from his own mouth with my own ears?  I crave constructive criticism and contrasting opinions, because that is how I believe we evolve both intellectually and spiritually.


Statues Face-palming: Proving that Renaissance artists could disprove of your shenanigans with style and class.

To frame these things theologically for a second, I set a great deal of my worship to Loki.  One of the aspects that most will talk when it comes to him is the propensity to present uncomfortable truths.  If my worship and veneration of him is in earnest, what else could I do but look for those truths that could shift my perspective?  I doubt I could make an honest claim of worshiping him if I only wanted comforting lies for myself, yet was willing to deal in harsh truths for others.

When someone tries to squash a conversation because they’re tired of hearing it, they are communicating to me that pressing the back button on their browser was too much effort.  They are saying, to the world that it was easier to sit there and bitch about the inconvenience of reading a thing they found boring than to go find something interesting.  I don’t even suspect that such people think anyone is going to humor them, so I have no idea what they are even trying to do.  No matter what their intent, all they’re doing is wasting everyone’s time.

Stop demanding the world babysit you.  If you find something you can’t stand than all you need to do is get up, go find something that does interest you, and shut the fuck up.  No one should stop their thinking for your benefit.

Feel free to drop this link into the internet discussion of your choice!  While you’re doing that, take some time and check me out over on Patreon!  My patron feed has links to all the work I do everywhere!  What is that you say?  I only create content at WordPress?  Well, stayed tuned for a big announcement!

No Ish, Ands, or Buts.

"Bad Google!

When I ask for a screaming viking from Google Image Search?  This is what I got.  Well played, Google…well played.

As the discussion on racism within Heathenry has continued, I’ve seen a lot of legitimate griping over the use of the words “folkish” and “universalist”.  There is a lot of talk about how the terms are not useful, and only serve to denegrate opinions and perspectives on both sides of the fence.  Many will speak at lengths on the matter and how we need to drop the use of the terms, but still continue to use them.  No one even seems to know what either of these terms mean anymore, and yet everyone uses them as if the concepts are self explanatory.  I am guilty here as well, as I have had an instance where I tried to calm the tensions between two sides.  How foolish I was; I was trying to bring peace to two factions, neither of which truly exist.

Well, I am a big believer in being the change you want to see.  As such, I’m done with these terms.  I refuse to recognize the false parity of folkish and universalist anymore.   From now on, it’s just Heathen, Asatru, or Norse Polythiest and that’s the end of discussion.  Conversation is a two way street, so I imagine there is some amount of these terminology which is endemic to our faith.  Be that as it may, if I can avoid it?  I’m avoiding it.

You believe in synchretism?  You think it’s the complete antithesis of the Norse pantheon?  Congratulations; either way you’re Heathen.  You renounce Loki worship?  Heathen.  You’re a Lokean?  Heathen.  You have a UPG that makes you believe that Odin really really enjoys My Little Pony and you believe burning the DVDs in sacrifice to him is an excellent way to please him?  Uh…I’m a little scared perhaps, but you’re still Heathen.  I’m tired of the pointless and unserviceable divisions.  They don’t work, and they haven’t worked for sometime.  Honestly, I’m not convinced that they ever worked at all.

What term will I use to identify racists?.  That’s pretty simple; I will call them racists.  I don’t need special code word to describe what I already have perfectly good language for.  Racialist elements have, for too long, have the confines of triablism and folkism to hide behind.  No, sir or madem; you are not tribal or folkish.  You are just racist.  A racist Heathen perhaps, but a racist all the same.  I’m not going to pretend that disdain for “non-European” heritage is anything but racism, nor am I going to imagine that acting as a racial “gatekeeper” for the Norse pantheons is a task needed anywhere but in the fevered minds of those who craft racial agendas.  There is no special distinction needed for these concepts.  Call them for that are, and call them nothing else.

While we are on the subject, what about the racists?  I cannot abide racist ideologies in my midst.  My stepdaughter is half-Peurto Rican, I have learned Chinese martial arts from a Grenadian Grand Master, and one of the proudest family traditions I have is my ancestor’s refusal to give into the ease of prejudice.  That being said, answering hatred with hatred is no solution.  If you call yourself both racist and Heathen, I’m not going to pretend we don’t share a religion.  I’m also not going to stop fighting against an ideology I disagree with; I just don’t need to assault anyone’s name to do it.  I am opposed to your beliefs, and that is that.

If you wish to call yourself Heathen, than you are Heathen as far as I’m concerned.  It’s that simple.  If you identify as Heathen, I identify you as Heathen.  End of discussion.  Honor the Gods as the spirit moves you, praise the ancestors for the gifts they have given you, and build frith as best as you know how.  In the meantime, I’m done with the linguistic cryptology.

Personal Stance: Now With 140% Less Give-a-Damn!

When in doubt, see above.

When in doubt, see above.

While I’m doing my best to focus on positive things, a recent interaction with someone has brought to mind that there is something I might as well get out into the open now.  I’m sure anyone who knows me well can guess the catalyst, but there is no one certain target for the things you’re about to read. It is my hope that, in the future, should people have something to say about my words?  I shall have this venerable and long standing stance to help hold the line.

If my words offended any member of my readership  in any way, on any subject, this is not my problem.  My words do not contain the desire to physically hurt anymore, nor do they encourage others to inflict pain on my behalf.  They will never be purposed to demean or belittle someone on the basis of their faith, their orientation, their gender, or their ethnic background.  If you read here and view something you see it as a personal insult, that says a lot more about your person than it does about my message.

If you do happen to have an issue with my words, come to me in a civilized and diplomatic fashion and we shall talk about it like adults.  I am well aware of my fallibility; it’s an uncomfortable truth that I address every day, to the best of my ability.  My stance may or may not change, but I will do my best to show you every bit of reasonable respect and diplomacy that honest discourse demands.   If you instead sling ad hominems, brandish petty threats, and/or purposely misrepresent my words to portray in the efforts to construct a straw man for you to knock down?  I’m going to regard that a concession to the correctness of my statements, because if you couldn’t attack them?  I’m going to assume you couldn’t handle me being correct and had a temper tantrum instead.

If there were any conditions that altered that stance, I no longer recognize them; whatever your problems may or may not be, they are not my problems.  If, for any reason, you suspect that you cannot handle my opinions?  Than the onus is now on you, the reader, to avoid them.  A closely held friend recently asked me to “stand down”.  He did it politely, and I said that I would do my best.  Later, however, I realized that I couldn’t do it if I wanted to ; I never ‘stood up’.  I never came out of the corner swinging at anything or anyone; I simply stated my opinion and tried to find the best wording for those thoughts.  If someone else is offended, well, that’s just too damn bad because it’s not my problem.

A simple expression used in all spectrum of Heathen faiths is “we are our deeds”.  I look at most of my deeds in Heathen circles and I have few regrets; how I acted was the best I knew how to given the situations and circumstances of the time.  It’s how I judge myself and, likewise, is how I try to judge others.  I do not care what you did before, or what’s you’ve learned, or what you could be doing; I only care about how you’ve acted towards me and how I’ve seen you act with my own eyes.

I have not received (much) discontent or bile from the community; I suspect my time is limited in that respect.  I have plenty of opinions that the social majority of Heathnism would find offensive.  I don’t see anything wrong with Loki worship, and I venerate Loki more than most other deities.  Rokkatru doesn’t really bother me.   Krasskova and her peers are not dangerous; racists are.  People who can’t fart without the lore risk turning our faith into Heathen Catholicism,  and I regard lore-locked Heathens equally as threatening to the future of Heathenism as racists.  Take the previous two statements together and you come to another good one; I believe lore-nazis are just as much of a problems as nazi-nazis.

I have concerns about Stephen McNallen, even though he seems like a nice guy.   I have concerns about Mark Stinson, and they have nothing to do with the charges presently against him.  Christianity is more our ally than our enemy against the rise of the Republican Religion that is gaining concerning strength in the United States, proselytizing and human greed are more of an issue than monotheism ever will be, and that most of Heathenry makes too big a deal about Christianity in general.

None of these opinions are made to go after anyone; they are what I feel.  I do not have the energy, patience, or dramatic super ego needed to waste my time trolling someone for the sake of pushing their buttons; if I did, I assure you that I would  do a much better job of it.  If, here or elsewhere, I get flaccid threats and pointless accusations made against my person for what I have to say?  I’m either going to ignore them or publicly flyte them.

I do not need a permission slip from anyone for any opinion I have, for anything I have to say, or for anything I do.  End of discussion.

The Rage: Courtroom Jokes

Mr. T

So many fools, so little time to pity ’em…

Normally, I stay away from current events on here.  This is, generally speaking, because current events are a load of shit.  That being said, let me say thin the George Zimmerman hearing going on at present.

Why in the name of lemon scented fuck did that idiot of an attorney get out there, during a murder trail involving the death of a minor, and tell a knock-knock joke to the jury?  What kind of drugs do you have to take to think that is a good idea?  What’s next?  Is the prosecuting attorney gonna counter that one with…

“Knock Knock!”
“Whose there?”
“A seventeen year old!”
“A seventeen year old, who?”
“A seventeen year old who didn’t get shot by George Martin!  Yuk yuk yuk!”

What happened to our court system?  Someone got shot and that bozo is trying to break the ice like he’s at a freaking single’s mixer.  There is a question of whether a grown, adult male shot a kid in cold blood for the crime of wearing a hooded sweatshirt and being black at the same.  There is a question of whether a man was attacked in broad daylight without prompting.  Someone’s son is dead.  Dead.  There was a whole where his lungs used to be.

And this asshole is cracking jokes.  A sad day for the reverent solemnity of the dead.

The Rage: A Picture isn’t Worth a Damn Thing

Public Service Announcement  Allow me to take a moment to just out right rant about something…

I fucking hate info graphics sometimes.  Lately, they’ve been even worse then normal.  It always happens in a similar fashion; Some jackass with MS Paint in one hand and the collected works of Goebbels in the other decides to take some clip art and pair it with whatever political manifesto he/she/it deemed acceptable.  Post to Facebook, wait 10 minutes, and then wait until rabid hyenas recite your argument verbatim regardless of whether the comprehend it.

Here’s a tip: stop calling it the Monsanto Protection Act unless you’ve done research on it, and you believe that is what the legislation involved does.  Stop questioning Obama’s citizenship without pause unless you have done your homework and have a reason to think that.  Stop talking about marriage laws, civil liberties, the war on terror, taxes, corn syrup, cancer, or any other damn thing unless you actually have a reason to suspect it’s true.  This isn’t about liberal or conservative views either; it’s about knowing what the fuck you’re talking about beyond what some damn pictures says.

Have an opinion I like.  Have an opinion I don’t like.  I don’t care!  However, you damn well better have an opinion based on something other then something you saw on your facebook feed.  I can somewhat understand when people trust the news too much; it’s supposed to be their job to tell you the truth.  When it comes to pictures on the internet however?  We need to ask ourselves to take a step back, look at the world around us, and stop carrying on about things we don’t actually know a damn thing about.

We’re one step away from old men yelling at clouds.

DISCLAIMER: This post is directed at no one person and/or group.  It’s based on the growing frustration with internet meme culture, where the argument of “you’re stupid and gay” is considered to be a clincher.