Flyte or Frith?

Current events have brought forth an interesting question to my mind; when have you fulfilled your obligation to uphold frith?  When is it acceptable, within the boundaries of modern Heathenry, to put aside unity to answer an offender?  My gut suspicion says that insults to your own person should usually be ignored, while insults to kin are to be answered clearly and without compromise.  As with any ethics question however, take a look at a rules of thumb just points out the loopholes.

Quite recently, I was maligned.  I’m not linking to the statement in question, nor am I answering any of the flights of fantasy it contains; I’m not turning this into a pissing contest, and I’m getting to old for this shit.  I bring it up only to provide context to help color in the lines of my question.

The statement was made about me, not my family.   Now, let us say that there are people who know who the offender is, and have enough context of the situation to identify what they’re talking about.  These people will fit into one of two categories.  If they’re a person worth my time, they’ll either know the truth, or they’ll get my side before make any sort of judgement.  If they’re not worth my time, they’ll think whatever they like.  In either case, the matter is settled.  If the insults are read by someone who doesn’t know they are attached to me…well, why do I care?  In the end, all disputes prove to be inconsequential.  Outside of a moment’s annoyance, I can move on and not bat an eye.

However, the person who maligned me was someone my wife was beginning to think of as a friend.  Moments before this baffling insult, this person also snapped at my wife over a trivial matter…a matter that this person connected to her defacement of my character.  This deeply hurt my wife’s feelings, and incited feelings of betrayal in her.

So here and now,  is my moral dilemma.  The mud has been slung squarely at my head, but the damage is being done equally to my family.  In actuality, my wife is more offended then I am; these words don’t mean anything to me.  Hypothetically speaking, what happens now?  Do I ignore a meaningless insult to my character, or do I answer someone who has hurt my wife?

I don’t know what I’m supposed to do, but I do know what I’m going to do; I’m putting the line in the sand.

I am going to go over here.  I’m going to pretend this person does not exist.  If they want to make all of these bogus claims, resort to ad hominems, and misdirect their rage at me?  They can be my guest.  It’s not that I cannot retort; I know this person well enough to go down the list, line for line, and flyte the ridiculousness of every statement they make.  However, when I consider doing this, I have to ask myself a very important question.

What would be the point?

I have no reason to malign people to even some nonexistent score; an eye for an eye makes the world blind, after all.  If painting a false picture of me somehow gets someone through the day?  They can have themselves a good old time; I’m going to be over here, ignoring their continued existence until Ragnarok takes us all.  I will wish them well and that their gods will watch over them.  The matter, as far as I am concerned, is finished.

All of this comes with a simple warning: When it comes to my family, all bets are off.

Insult my wife, demean my step-daughter, or say a word about my unborn child?  Then I will show the offender what the word “flyte” is.  The laissez-faire, “who cares” attitude is about me and only me; the moment someone utters a word of judgement about my family?  It gets very ugly, very fast.

Sometimes, all you have is your smile and your middle finger

Sometimes, all you have is your smile and your middle finger

Now, the internet is a hyperbolic place so let me put a full disclaimer here; I do not physically strike unless physically struck.  I don’t believe in unwarranted attacks of any nature, and this is not a threat of physical violence.  Period.  End of discussion.  This is not a legal disclaimer, made with a winking nod to the camera; it’s my real life, real world philosophy.  I wish I didn’t have to spell this out, but this is the world we live in.

So people of the world, have a fun time.  Share hospitality with me if you can.  Lie about me if you must.  Leave my family the fuck alone or you will learn some very harsh lessons, and you will learn them very fucking quickly.

Have a nice day! 😀


Meh, or why Otherkin don’t really bother me

deadpool+should+know+by+now+he+cant+pick+up+Mjölnir+_57109b74e7cdd51a545be15ff2538ff5While looking through my Facebook feed today, I saw more then a few mentions of modern Pagans confusing pop culture for a pantheon.  There was a lot of understandable outrage and consternation.  For my part, I can’t even begin to concern myself with it; to be honest, I was more then a little surprised that anyone reacts to this at all.  Isn’t this sort of a defecto state?  Every religion has it’s camps.  Some get the message, and some pervert it; it’s a pretty standard model.  There is, of course, another school of thought…one where you are grind  your faith into a fine powder, and snort it through a straw made of  frozen bonkers.  Sometimes they think they’re the reincarnated son of Red XIII and Nina Williams, and sometimes they have a UPG that Thor is a Klingon.  In either case, I pretty much always assume that these people are around somewhere.

I try not to worry about it, honestly.

I came up into Paganism by dealing with mall rats, stoners, and the spiritually dyslexic on internet forums.   I envy most of the spiritual stories my friends tell me.  Some have tales of youthful dreams, filled with compelling, deeply personal gnosis.  Others will tell me of how the gods saved them from their own self destruction.  How I learned my spiritual dos and don’ts was from people who swore that they were reincarnated aliens from the planet Alpha Centari.  This is not a humorous jest or colorful exaggeration; this was a thing I was told on multiple occasions.  I was also told that the mall was their spaceship.  I also met several covens worth of half-vampires.  Also; the God Chronos.

I can get you all an autograph if you’d like.

So people who are aping at spirituality but taking a wrong turn at WatDaFuq Lane?  This is a phenomenon that I am more then familiar with.  I understand the offense they cause some, but I’ve seen too many of their ilk to really be able to care.  They never cause as much damage as people worry that they will, and the only personal pain I suffered was free times and (in case) one of them stealing fifty bucks out of my wallet.

Apparently, Chronos needed cigarettes and whiskey that night.

My Lokean friend has put forth that maybe some of these people have looked upon the divine and didn’t know how to handle it; that’s as good as suggestion as any I’ve heard.  There is, of course, people who make such claims for attention; I’ve got nothing to say about them, as saying anything just feeds them.

This too shall pass.  The Marvel movies (and similar materials) are doing the same thing that World of Darkness, The Crow, and the rise of Llywellyn publications did back in the mid-nineties.   We’re going to get a bunch of mad fools in here, but when isn’t that the case?  To be honest, I can’t tell much of a functional difference between Thorsmen who act like Klingons and a man who worships Klingon-Thor.  To me, this is just another strain of a familiar disease.

How did that happen?

Yesterday, at about 8:00pm Eastern Standard Time, I posted some of my thoughts concerning the worship of Loki in modern Asatru and Heathenry.  I meticulously edited it, as I wanted the material to be strong.  I was very proud of the end result, but I didn’t expected anything to come of it.  I figured it would end up being read by a person or two, and that would be the end of it.

Then…something happened…

What is this, I don't even...

What is this, I don’t even…

I’m…a bit speechless right now.

It has to be said that I initially created this blog for the purpose of having a soap box to shout on top of.  I’ve wanted to be a writer for a long time, but acting on that desire is still a fairly new activity.  On one of my first tires?  I got over three dozen people looking at my work….and I posted it in two places.

I’ll have part two soon.  I’d be writing it now, but I desperately need to sleep.

Serious Putty, ADD, and Sloppier then Fiction

Comic is from XKCD, by the brilliant Randall Monroe

I suck…suck at taking myself seriously.

I’ve talked about this before, though I think I was just really trying to just get the “I’m really frustrated and GRRRAHHGFRAKRA…fuck this” out into the open so I could pick it apart and examine it.  You know, out into the open where I could actually get a look at it in decent light and figure out what the heck this mess was made of.

Then hit it with a hammer.  A lot.

Also from XKCD by Randall Monroe.

In either case, I realized that I probably end up blaming my attention span for the issue more then it deserves.  Oh, don’t get me wrong; that is also a problem.  My attention span and I have, what you might call, an adversarial relationship.  The thing is that I’ve managed to, more or less, fine tune this problem into an additional tool set.  I still really can’t have the TV on at the same time that I intend to do anything but watch TV, but I’ve also managed to find ways to make it work to my benefit.  It’s still pretty damn tricky, and I remain capable of buggering it up from time to time.

It’s not the problem it once was however, and it seriously isn’t holding me back like I thought.  No, the problem is my almost religious devotion to not taking myself seriously.  Ever.

As I grew up, whenever people around me were pretentious?  It hurt me.  It still does, more often then not.  It hurt me worst when I displayed it, and I think I naturally just gravitated towards humility as a result of patten recognition.  I’m happy with that too, as humility is much more prone to self-discovery and growth then walking around thinking that you’re perfect.  Most of the presumption and cockiness I have is a sort of private joke.  Look at me, says the joke, I am a parody of arrogance!  Look all this stuff that is nothing more then ego insulation for the insecure douchebags of the world!

XKCD again… 😉

Which is all fine, and good, and very useful at dealing with said bags of douche.  Try to create something more interesting then a D&D character however, and suddenly that incredible lens of pretension penetration backfires.  That internal dialogue is now picking apart everything I try to do…because who am I to take anything  seriously?  I mean, isn’t there someone more qualified for this?

I’ve been trying to keep the message of a particular video I found in my head lately.  It was posted by one of my favorite Youtube personalities, Levni Yilmaz.  While all of his Tales of Mere Existence are solid gold, the follow strikes a nerve in a profound way.

I always love Lev’s work, because there is an amount of underlying self-awareness with everything he does.  It’s like he doesn’t quite get why anything he does resonates with anybody, and that he takes it too damn seriously, but he’ll be buggered before he lets something stop him from creating.  I strongly suspect this, due to this other video he posted which seems somewhat related to the preceding one.  I’m not going to pin it here since this post is sort of bloated as is, but I strongly advise you to watch it if the first one entertained you at all.  Seriously, the guy does great work.

So really, it’s about pushing forward.  I haven’t yet figured out the shape that it will take.  It’s going to be interesting to say the least.  It’s also probably going to be really difficult, but mostly I find myself looking forward to it in spite of this.  I have a sneaky suspicion that this has the potential to be a lot of fun.

Letter to Craigslist People…

MissiveDear Craigslist People,

If you’re going to sell your old videogames?  Do not try to sell old sports games.  Ever.  No one is ever going to be looking for vintage hockey games.  No one is going to want Madden 2011, when any future Madden has been released.   Deal with the fact that EA has bilked you for 60 bucks on what should have been an expansion pack, and stop crowding Craigslist with bullshit no one will ever want in a thousand years.


Topic Buffet: Airborne Mongols, Kotex Terrorism, and 50 Shades of Dorks

"Influenza, bitches!"

“Influenza, bitches!”

Dear gods, do I love Airborne!  I was initially dubious of a product that seemed to be the fucked up, radiation baby between alka-seltzer and hippie vitamins.  Then both the lady pet and SH ended up with ebola of the throat, so I felt that the seven dollar risk was worth safeguarding against the potential loss of 10~20 pay hours.

Holy fuck nuggets, it actually worked.  My immune system has, thus far, kept the mongol horde at bay.  I feel like I just found a buff item out of an MMO.  These things are fantastic.

So it seems the Pentagon (which, as a shape, can kick the ass out of a rhombus), has lifted the ban on women in combat.

If you menstruate?  The terrorists win.

If you menstruate? The terrorists win.

While there are some very interesting, very worthwhile, and very poignant discussions to be had on this topic?  I’m most looking forward to watching conservative outlets try to explain why this is bad thing while trying to do so without being so misogynistic that they get pitchfork wielding mobs.  My guess is they’ll try and make a connection with the period, menstruation, and logistical concerns therein.

Seriously, I’m willing to bet money within the next year that some jack ass blames military spending on tampons, tissues, and Midol provisions.  This sort of stupidity writes itself.

By the way, special thanks to David Demar, the Amateur Professional, for bringing this issue to my attention.

Women in Politics = Patriotic High Heels? Dafuq?

Women in Politics = Patriotic High Heels? Dafuq?

While we’re talking about gender politics, I feel bad for women when it comes to voting.  The leading Democrat and Republican female politicians are both trope-tastic meme fuel.

The Republicans have Sarah Palin, and holy shit…she acts like “Hunter Hick Barbie”, with a public speaking ability granted via her inexplicable ability to read a teleprompter.  Then there is Hilary Clinton…aka Lady Macbeth.  I am fully convinced that the only reason she conceded the Democrat’s nominati0n in 2008 was because she was also vying to be the Witch-Queen of Narnia, and she could only reasonably manage one.

At this point, I hope Oprah does run someday; it would be nice to see a woman vying for President of Vice-President that doesn’t make me cringe.

Pictured: A place that doesn't understand a county isn't a state.

Pictured: A place that doesn’t understand a county isn’t a state.

So apparently, Franklin County in Indiana has declared that any Federal modifications to the second amendment don’t count and are invalid.  In other news, awwww….isn’t that cute?  Bumblefuck-Nowhere, Indiana thinks it’s a sovereign nation!  How adorable!

On a related note, I’ve noticed a disturbing correlation.  There seems to be a tendency amongst those to view the Right to Bare Arms as sacrosanct and unable to be modified due to the obvious intent of the founding fathers.  So….why don’t these same people have the same view about separation of church and state?

No one does literary criticism like Gaston...

No one does literary criticism like Gaston…

I have mixed feelings about the whole “Shades of Grey” trilogy.

Not as a book; gods no.  I wouldn’t even let the rats use it as cage liner.  BDSM-esque Trilight fan-fic?  No. no. no.  What I am curious about is what is might end up doing to fetish sub-culture.

World of Warcraft was the last catalyst needed to push nerd and gamer cultures out of its own niche, and bring it into the broader pop culture audience.  It wasn’t the first blow either.  Now, this brought about a lot of changes.  Did it start off as a wave of sub par, pseudo-geek  crap that pandered to the worst stereotypes and frat boys? Well, yes.  It also got us an Avenger’s movie directed by Joss Whedon, the ability to buy packs of Magic at 3:17am at a Wal-Mart, ushered in conventions like PAX, and you can probably also thank it for the rise of YouTube serials and Kickstarter backed creativity.

It sucked at first, but it also started a Dorkish Renaissance….and some of what that has yielded as been amazing.

I wonder if the Greys won’t do the same things for the fetish and BDSM; draw in the masses, and leave the already curious

.....just make sure they can remember it....

…..just make sure they can remember it….

hungry for the real meat and potatoes.  It’s hardly the first push, it’s hardly the last shove…but it was a big one, and I’msort of cautiously eager to see where this leads….and the changes are already visible.  Some of them are hilarious.We now live in a world where grannies can and have purchased main stream fetish porn in a supermarket.

It’s  a brave new world….which, by the way, makes a good phrase to use as a safeword.

Topic Buffet: Saint Gygax, Gargoyles, and Hylian Trampstamps

A SUNDRY of  TOPICS appeared!
It was knot vary effectiv.


I don’t always run dungeons… but when I do?  I go left.

* I really wish I could still be excited about the stuff WotC makes; products by Wizards of the Coast and the companies they’ve purchased have been some of my favorites.  It goes beyond D&D and Magic; they’ve also had ownership of Legend of the Five Rings, put out campaign settings like Planescape and Spelljammer, and even tried to make collectable dice games.  These guys are like, part of my childhood.  All the same, these people are all business now…and part of the magic has gone because of it

*I keep going back and forth on my political affiliation.  Not between Republican and Democrat….pft….GODS no.  I mean I COULD…I could also headbutt a brick over and over again.  No, I switch between Democrat and Libertarian.  I like the Democrats…until I realize that all the good intention in the world doesn’t give you enough motivation to do something about them.  I like the Libertarians….but laize faire economics scare me to the point where I can’t think about it to long without finding somewhere to lay down for a bit and weep.



*Hey Disney.  Okay.  Buying Marvel?  I was scared.  Not gonna lie, I was VERY scared.  Then you pumped out Avengers and some of the movies that preceded it.  They not only went off without a hitch, you nailed the landing.  Now you’ve Star Wars.  Okay, I’m down; I think you turn that puppy around.   You know what we need now?  GARGOYLES.  Come on.  You’re starting to kick ass again; double down on it.


What a fake; how can I tell if she has a timeline theory with her showing off that tattoo….freaking attention whore….

*So, the internet is angry at fake nerd-girls.  This surprises me since Disney purchased Star Wars, and Star Wars is the alpha topic for dorks of all stripes to get pissed about.   Still it has held on for some reason, and I find it laughable.  A lot of places and people have cited misogynous peter-pan assholeism, but I think the reason is actually more pathetic then that.

Short version: If you’re a dork and you get rejected by a girl who is also a dork?  Who gets all those nerdy things you love, loves them just as much as you, and STILL doesn’t want anything to do with you?  Where you don’t have the token excuse of “she doesn’t understand me or my passion and is a superficial bitch; I am the lone, misunderstood gentleman” to hide behind.  You’d have to accept that you are a desperate, ill-manner, jackass and that the only one to blame for your loneliness is yourself.  That it’s not about you being weird; it’s about you being unlikeable.

Fuck that…blame the geeky girls.  They’re obviously frauds, right?

The SUNDRY was defeated!
You get 2 page views.  7,283,112 page views until next level!